Blind Pig/ Foeder No. 222
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Oops, skipped a week there. I really wanted to finish up writing Coachella things, but obviously never got around to it.

Speaking of, I managed to snag Coachella passes for next year. Honestly, they're still on sale, so anyone can snag them. I bought a wristband and a car camping pass for both weekends. I really missed not doing both this year.

So since I haven't written since 5/31, I haven't gone into what these last two weeks of Testim gel has brought me (my old trip journal has become my new transition journal, and I've been keeping daily notes).

First thing I got was breakouts, which have only increased in number. I've never had great skin, but also never had a great skincare routine, and I've always dealt with breakouts and knew they'd be getting worse, but this is quite surprisingly bad already. I might have to ask about a medication at my check-up. Or perhaps just up my skincare game.

Second thing I noticed was an increase in energy. I just want to do stuff. I've been scrubbing floors at work and carrying water buckets from the inflatable pool to the plants at home. I cleaned our fridge for two hours and had a good time doing it. I don't feel as fatigued, and my legs get much less tired walking. I even chose to walk the steep Hermosa hills as part of our walk this week. The downside is that I'm having trouble sleeping, but I'm going to slowly work the time I put the gel on to earlier in the day. I started with middle of the afternoon because I'm pretty much always at home at this time, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's giving me an evening energy boost, in the way that caffeine would.

I'm also happy do stuff because I can feel myself getting stronger. About ten days in, I could already see a new bicep bulge, and I find them to indeed be growing at an alarming rate. There was a time a decade or so ago when I would do weight training and pound protein drinks on the daily, but I'm already bigger than I ever was on an estrogen-based system. It's kind of absurd, and very unfair. Anyway, the biceps are the most noticeable so far, but I can tell muscle in increasing all over. I'm curious to go to my weigh-in. I've weighed pretty much the same for probably 15 years or so. My pants size hasn't changed yet, but I gotta think I'll weigh a bit more by then.

So that's that side of things. Socially, I'm still being quite avoidant. Mom and sis got back from Ireland Tuesday night, and I saw them when I got in from work Wednesday morning. Mom asked if I could take her to the train station, and the only way it would work out was if she came with me to my therapy appointment and just hung about while I went in. I'd already told the therapist that if I was driving, I'd bring my dog, so we also took along Ripley, and mom walked her as she waited.

But as a result of that, mom saw where I was seeking help from. She only asked if it was one-on-one, and I said it was. We didn't say anything else about it as we drove up to Van Nuys.

We got In-N-Out and sat at the station in the shade with the dogs as we waited. She told me a bit more about Ireland. She's got tons of pictures to show me. Sounds like a place I would love to visit.

Just before boarding, she hugged me and told me she loves me just as I am, then self-corrected to say however I am. Said she knows it's something I've been struggling with for a long time, and that she just wants to help however she can. I'd slipped our correspondence book with my recently-written passage on what's going on into her backpack, so that's also out there now.

So that's done. It didn't feel relieving, or anything. It bothers me that I can't bring myself to have this conversation with the people I need to have it with. I just don't want to talk about it. I'm kinda hoping at some point, people just kind of figure it out on their own. The social stuff sucks, particularly for anti-social me. This is why I've been avoidant of the entire situation for years. So...interesting summer ahead.

Hawaii sister and family is visiting this weekend. She got in this morning while I was at work. We'll be meeting for food tonight, then hanging out tomorrow before she takes the family up to visit my mom. Then I'll visit dad Sunday, what with it being Father's Day and all.

And the work on the house might start next week.

Yeah, I guess I'm slightly overwhelmed right now.


You can learn to follow the inner self, the inner physician that tells you where to go. Healing is simply attempting to do more of those things that bring joy and fewer of those things that bring pain.

- O. Carl Simonton


Transmigration of Souls/ Trickster
5/31/2019 | 0 comments


Sunday after work I hung out with Scott. We saw "Booksmart," a fun comedy with two young female leads. It was an end-of-high-school story, at times reminiscent of "Can't Hardly Wait" (though lacking the ensemble cast). Well acted and directed, good soundtrack, overall funny.

Tuesday took my sister to the airport for her trip to Ireland. She'll be gone for two weeks.

Therapy Wednesday. Still not sure how one is supposed to build self-esteem. Picked up my box of 30 Testim tubes from the pharmacy while there.

Thursday I had my letter writing meeting. It was a "group" meeting, and six were scheduled, but there were only two of us, both seeking the same procedure. The whole thing would've taken half an hour if done one-on-one, but for whatever reason it was done as a group and took a bit over an hour to give them our details (why again do I have to go over private details in front of other people who have no business in knowing them?) while the hosts went into unnecessary explaining (like they started by telling us what they were going to be talking about - why not just starttalking, then?).

Anyway, I'll be getting my letter in a month or so to give to my insurance company so that they'll help with the payment for chest masculinization surgery. I have a surgeon in mind, but perhaps should look at a couple others. But I can book a consultation whenever I want to. Except first I have to tell my mom that she's, uh...going to be taking care of me when I get this procedure done (so I also have to tell her I'm getting it done, haha).

I'd been hoping to get a question I have answered at the meeting, but I didn't get an answer. I was wondering, in regards to hormones and their effects on skin and healing, if it would be better to have an estrogen-based system or a testosterone-based one. But given that I don't plan on ever going around without a shirt on and am intending to cover everything in tattoos, anyway, it doesn't particularly matter, I suppose. Both hormonal systems heal.

So I went ahead and used my first gel tube today. If nothing else, it's an experiment into the mind-body connection, akin to my other experiments with things like meditation, psychedelics, or body suspension. It's a self-test that I have to perform. If I like it, I can go on. If I don't, well then at least I'll have tried.

We shall see.


I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence. 

- Frederick Douglass

Palama/ The Waldos' Special Ale
5/25/2019 | 0 comments


Drove up the coast Sunday afternoon after work. It was an easy drive. Very pretty, with the greens of the hills finally giving away to yellows. The burn areas have recovered quite nicely. It even rained in patches.

Took Ripley this time, as mom said it was ok to bring her. We stopped at Rincon on the way up, and the dogs got to run along the beach. Sabrina has figured out that Ripley doesn't much like getting into the water, so she'll go in when she wants to get away from her annoying "little sister".

Mom and I had jackfruit tacos that night, which were tasty. We sat outside for a bit, until it started raining on us, and got the dogs around the path on-leash.

It happened to be close to the full moon again. Every time I go up, this seems to happen. So the time was quite low when we went down to the beach Monday morning. The dogs got to enjoy the tide pools, and Sabrina ended up in a pool which was much deeper than she expected and got wet all-over, which she otherwise tends to avoid. It was a beautiful morning and we had a nice walk.

Drove back along Highway 1, which I never do in that area. We got some amazing cinnamon rolls, and then mom had me go with her to the weed depot so she could show me what it was like. Very Apple Store-y. She had to pickup weed gummies for the trip she's taking to New York and Ireland with her sisters.

Unfortunately I was in PMDD mode, and have this whole transition thing weighing on my shoulders. I didn't want to tell her before the trip, so I've told her whatever it is that's going on with me will be discussed when she gets back from that. She promises support (even monetary, if I need it) and says she just wants her kids healthy and happy.

The drive back to LA Monday afternoon was also pretty easy. Did the usual Tuesday strand walk and ran errands before returning home.

Didn't have therapy on Wednesday as I have been, as the councilor had something else going on.

Thursday I had my doctor's appointment first thing in the morning. Asked about HRT and was told I could go on it as soon as that morning. She said they normally start with shots, but I asked for gel since it's daily and I want to be as level as I can possibly be. My 25-or-so years of dealing with PMDD has me very weary of any sort of changes. My request was granted.

Got blood drawn for a couple of tests and filled out more paperwork. Went down to the pharmacy, but the prescription wasn't going to be ready for 90 minutes or so. I'll pick it up before my next therapy appointment. Anyway, I don't think I'll be starting with it for another week or so. Mom's just left for three weeks, and my voice is likely to be one of the first things to change, and I don't want it to be changing before I've had a chance to tell her what's going on.

The morning was overcast and cool, so I took the dogs to Runyon, which is just a few blocks away from the Center. We did the easy loop, but I was feeling great by the bottom and wishing we'd done the more difficult one. Oh well, the dogs still had lots of fun.

Nothing too exciting since, but that's still a pretty exciting week. Tomorrow I'll hang out with Scott for food and a movie. Later this week brings my appointment to get my surgery letter. So things are going pretty full-steam ahead, at least for a process that's already taken a year and will be taking several more.

And Desert Daze still hasn't announced its lineup, ugh.


All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.

- Anatole France

Secret Agenda/ San Franpsycho
5/18/2019 | 0 comments


What have I been up to since Georgia?

Spent last Thursday with Scott. We got food and saw "Her Smell," which was quite the interesting movie. Great performances, frantic score and sound design, lots of camera movement and tight shots. Refreshing to see something a little different.

Sunday I was planning to drive up to see mom for Mother's Day, but I ended up staying in town and seeing Eels with my sister. Everett is an all-time favorite of both of ours, and it was our second time seeing him live together, the first being about ten years ago. We'd had balcony seats, but the venue only sold about half capacity (E joked he'd have to talk to his booking agent about putting them on during Mother'd Day and penultimate Game of Thrones night), and we ended up getting center seats just a few rows back.

Opener Robert Ellis is a tremendous piano player, and that's about all I have to say about him.

Eels were really good. It was a very basic rock band version of the live group, and they played the songs fairly straight-forward (nice creepy version of "Novocaine for the Soul"; "I Like Birds" as a fast punk song). But they brought fun, despite the small crowd (which was also surprisingly old in my eyes - like nearing my mom's age). OVerall I was glad to have gone.

Otherwise things are...still causing me mental anguish, haha. Therapy's making things emotionally easier, but right now I'm in doubting PMDD hell. Met with someone involved with the upcoming surgery group, who assuaged my fears a bit. Apparently it's a small group, and the point of it is to get a letter so that insurance will cover the procedure. Then I have to talk to insurance. And find a surgeon. And book a consult. And have that consult. And sit on a table, and put a mask on, and gods why not just kill me now?

I also booked another appointment with the doctor to move forward on the medical side. Because my heart and gut and intuition keep doing these things, despite whatever defeatist and nihilistic things my brain in screaming.

Still, like...my brain is screaming.

And I'm visiting mom this weekend, since I didn't do it last. Driving up tomorrow. Bringing both dogs. Hope it goes ok.


You can't reason with your heart; it has its own laws, and thumps about things which the intellect scorns.

- Mark Twain

Weekend Vibes/ Tiki Totem
5/11/2019 | 0 comments


Coachella 2019, Day 2

Saturday, April 20


Happy 4/20

Despite the previous day being Bicycle Day, this was the acid day for me. I've come to think LSD isn't very good for me. I need to figure out how to fix our relationship.


Got into the grounds as soon as I could. In fact, I sat near the gates and waited for them to open.

Last year had taught me that people leave lots of bottles in planter boxes, which are often not cleared out at the end of the night, so I spent the first hour collecting probably 75 or so bottles out of the planters, getting most of my recycling points for the weekend in about an hour.

First band of the day I saw was CHON. I wasn't expecting to enjoy them as much as I did. They're instrumental, but I thought they were quite good. Went from there over to the Sonora to catch some of The Red Pears, whom I also enjoyed. Sonora didn't have as many couches this year as last, so I never was able to snag one early in the day. I hope they fix that for next year.

I'd already taken acid at this point, in paper form. One of my most-anticipated bands for the year, Jambinai, was playing early, and I wanted to get things going. Jambinai was pretty good, but you could tell they were still finding their footing as a live band. From South Korea, they combine guitars and traditional instruments into a post rock, industrial hybrid sound. I really enjoyed the live experience, seeing exactly what each instrument was contributing. They really appreciated their weekend 2 crowd, apparently larger than the first. The lead guitarist spoke good English and communicated lots of thanks to the audience. It's one of those experiences that only Coachella can deliver, and I really hope the band goes on to great things in the future. I can hear the potential there.

At this point, the acid wasn't doing what I wanted it to, and I was getting anxious. I had nothing to do, half a tab left (and some MDMA), and was worried I was going to regret not having more LSD available to me. So I did what I have never done before and went back to my campsite. I had time, wanted more acid, figured I could eat something and get a beer without paying $13. And my shirt was too tight and it was windy, so my dysphoria was going nuts and making me feel like I had to change. So back I went.

Got back to camp after the twenty-minute trek there. Changed my shirt first thing, putting on something baggier. Ate the rest of my sandwich, slammed a beer. Then, more acid time. Went to drop a drop from the pipette under my tongue, but accidentally dropped two. Oops...shit. Oh well, guess I was going to be tripping acid that day. It was strong enough that I could taste it, feel it in my system. Shit.

Grabbed another beer and headed back out.

I thought I was in a rush to see Mac DeMarco, but The Interrupters were playing when I got to the stage he was supposed to be playing at. Christine & The Queens had had to cancel, and the schedule had been adjusted, but I hadn't gotten the memo. Didn't want to see The Interrupters (again...I'd seen them a couple years before, in the first year the Sonora existed, but I wasn't in the mood for ska punk), so I went up to the Do Lab and watched the beginning of Justin Jay instead. He'd been one of my must-watches once Do Lab had been announced, and I enjoyed him, but he wasn't exactly playing what I was expecting. Still enjoyed him.

Left after about half an hour to get to DeMarco, and I was more than tripping at this point. "This is the place to do this," I kept reminding myself. "If you're going to do too much, may as well do it at Coachella."

I have had many, many opportunities to see DeMarco in the past (he played FYF every year for something like 5 years, as well as Coachella several times), but had shamefully never done it, so he was a priority for me this year. Damn, I'm stupid for having never seen him, because he is fantastic live. Super great musician surrounded by super great musicians, amazing vibes, just super happy to be jamming, really good songs that I know and enjoy. He really eased me out of having a bad time and getting into a much better groove than I had been in.

Unfortunately, due to the delayed start time, a super-aggressive rap/EDM hybrid started on the Main Stage about halfway into his set, and the wind was carrying that over and blowing DeMarco's sound off to the east, so that was the only bummer about that set.

Went from DeMarco the The Garden in the Sonora, and whatever the fuck that band is combined with the amount of LSD that was circulating from me combined into one of the weirder experiences I've ever had on the fields (comparable to last year seeing John Maus while coming up). The Garden is fucking nutso outside of drugs. I focused on the drummer, who was absolutely incredible. Super fast and furious, but absolutely on beat. He was amazing. That show was crazy.

Went from The Garden back over to the Outdoor for Bob Moses. I fucking LOVE Bob Moses on record, but have so far really not enjoyed them live. They should be an electronic act, but instead insist on being a shitty live band. I don't get it at all. I watched them perform "Talk," and then left. Had more important places to be.

In fact, the most important. "Which tent's Four Tet," some Brit asked me as I charged for the Mojave. He knew what was up. "Second one," I replied, pointing up the corridor. He tried to high-vie me. I hesitated, then reached out just in time to send him crashing into a group headed in the other direction. Coachella magic!

I serious cannot with this Four Tet show. It was his live show, and he did live mixing in a darkened tent with only two desk lamps at his console providing light. It was an incredible journey of sound, clip-clopping beats, mixed up voices, Four Tet amazingness. This was the show of the weekend for me (and Gambino). Hebden can play every Coachella as far as I'm concerned, DJ one year, live mix the next. He was incredible, the show was incredible, the energy in the tent was incredible.

From there, off to Weezer! I was also super excited to see Weezer, having only seen them once before at Coachella in 2005, but they've been a band I've followed for 25 years now, and my Gods they delivered. Holy shit, guitar rock! Cuomo's amazing. They put on such an incredibly fun show, of course covering "Africa," but also "Take on Me". I was happy that the crowd knew all the songs, and it was fun watching the Sahara -> Outdoor kid migrating singing along with songs like "Beverly Hills" and "Island in the Sun". I'm glad that even the kids know their songs. Weezer was sooooo gooooood! Can't state enough how much fun I had.

I'd contemplated leaving Weezer early for Aphex Twin, but am really glad I didn't. I have never really liked most of Aphex Twin's output, but his rareity as a live act and the weekend one hype had me super-anticipating his set. So after Weezer, I made a beeline for him.

I mean...I'm glad to have seen Aphex Twin, but he really killed the night for me. He went over his time, and at the end I was begging for him to stop. I just wanted him to end so I could walk away, and indeed I got to the point where I did just walk away. Glad to have seen him, should probably have stayed for less. I honestly left his set early, angry that he was still making noise.

And from then, my night was fucked. I'm not a huge Tame Impala fan, honestly, and I'd already seen them at Coachella three times and was going to be seeing them in two weeks, and really wanted to save my enthusiasm for then.  But there was nothing else on! I walked over to the Do Lab, where nothing was set to be on until an unknown special guest at midnight (it was now not even 11PM). The Yuma had a line that I didn't want to deal with. I walked by Wiz Khalifa, who did nothing for me (and had an enormous Sahara crowd that I didn't want to deal with). My options were Tame, some random Yuma dude I had to stand in line for, or a rap act I wasn't interested in...in half an hour.

I hemmed and hawed, walked in circles, went by the merch booth (which had an enormous line), looked into the boutique, and then went back to camp, figuring I'd at least not have to wait in line for a shower.

Called it an early night, grabbed a shower, got to bed early, and then proceeded to be absolutely unable to get a wink of sleep because the LSD was raging through my system still, and I HAD NO GODDAMN BENADRYL!!!  I spent HOURS curing the security guard that had taken my Benadryl away, wishing to God I'd stashed some away, praying that I could just FEEL TIRED. I also couldn't breathe due to the dust, and assumed that if I'd had that Benadryl it would've helped with that as well. But more importantly, I WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FALL ASLEEP! It was probably the worst night I've had at Coachella, tossing and turning but SOOOOOOOO AWAKE. And I just wanted to sleep extra hard because I had to be up early for Sunday Service. I curse that security prick to this day, and to all days forthwith.

And it turns out that the unnamed special guest at Do Lab that night was Four Tet. FML.


The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep.

- E. Joseph Cossman


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TattoedMat "( )"
XkuruX "(irrelevant)"
asphixiation "(Coitus. Why isn't it used more now? Thanks for signing!)"
SVEN "(thats money)"
shpluck "(portal)"
verve729 "(Soliloquy)"
kermee "(stuff)"
Jinxed "(No)"
Alledria "(currently it's "effusive")"
fieryn "(epitome)"
Jareb "(cunt.... sorry, but i love it!!!!!)"
Hail "(boobies)"
MartiniBuiltForTwo "(fuck- or trepidation )"
asparagus "(banana)"
DrLouLou "(Hello hello!)"
Leroy "(Smeg)"
blackandblue "( )"
ConchyMcBleed "(brrrmmmm)"
MsNightingale "( )"
dazedeagle "(shit. I say it all the time, I have a shit problem.)"
Elfling "(thank you for the birthday wishes!!! )"
Melissa "(shitass)"
little_miss_pirate "(bangle)"
christina bo bina "(bologna!)"
perpetual "(chicken eye and seductive)"
luckyshamrock "(whiplash and i like guttersnipe too)"
no_pants "(Blech!)"
JennaG "(ooze)"
Stardust "(achtung- a German word that sounds like projectile vomiting =D)"
color me blood red "(shit)"
indigo_dream "(quite)"
dopesong "(anaesthetic)"
Kittie.Lee "(Audacity)"
Glow "(Monty Python??? I never made it through any of them.. I suck. )"
The_Prophet "(Antidisestablishmentarianism)"
filosofadelaspollas "(hullabaloo)"
kit33 "(Twitterpated or Incognito)"
GypsyDissident "(Cooch)"
ctlnpg "(diminutive.)"
Cerberus_the_dog "(Shag)"
deadinblood "(rediculous)"
Jenna Saisquoi "(discombobulated)"
TMHahn "("fuckheads" has been relevent recently.)"
ivy "("fuck" for t3h w1n!!!)"
solocard "(moist...)"
Mrs Wolf "(Innigkeit)"
deadvin "(exudate)"
MYBLUDWING69 "(supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)"  

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