Sierra Nevada 40th Anniversary/ Triple Hop'd
5/14/2020 | 0 comments


Well work is quite dead. So far, I have had one paying customer on one of my three nights. My boss didn't want to hear me complain of bow pointless it was to be there, and how I could've been getting much more staying at home on unemployment. Not having the pressures of work for six weeks has made me think of what I want to do, and how much I'd like to earn. I just don't want to do most jobs, even if they would pay me more.

Anyway, it's still good to be employed in this climate. So despite very much missing my bed, I tried to appreciate that I had such easy nights (work-wise). On the other hand, getting to experience restful nights at home that I hadn't had in years really highlighted how much staying at work overnight wears me down.

Last Friday trails were opened again, so being back at work now, we6also back to hiking. Feels so good to walk up hills again! We went to Canyonback twice, which has become quite overgrown without people stomping about it. I hesitantly let the dogs off leash one at a time at points I felt safe, and stayed on the main trail. But we saw one mortally wounded snake Tuesday and another maybe a bit over a foot long on Wednesday, but I don't think either were rattlers.

Sabrina did ok. She was running all about when we last went on March 22 before lockdown, but was going quite slow this week, to the point where I hooker her leash to my belt loop so I could tow her along without having my arm stratched behind myself the entire time.

The vet put her on Phenobarbital a week ago. And her little tremors (seizures?) have seemingly stopped, but she's been slower and a bit uncoordinated (though that's been improving; she was stumbling around a bit drunkenly right after getting her first dose [a shot at the vet]). Her hips are also seemingly bothering her much more now, which is contributing to her slowness. She was dragging her back feet so badly a couple days into the prescription that she filed a toenail down to the quick and was bleeding. I don't want my dog to get old and feeble :(.

But she's getting better and regaining her coordination. We went to Kenneth Hahn this morning and she only started slowing down around the 90 minute mark. I am of course grateful that my 12.5 year old dog can still go on two hour hikes.

Finished "Community" this morning. Enjoyed it enough that I'll add it to the repeat list. 

Increased fitness and weight. I now try to workout for at least an hour a day with my bands and weights. I only have two 5lb dumbbells  that I can hold together for 10lbs, so I made another 10lb weight with a soap bottle filled with pennies and dead batteries. I can hold that in one hand with a 5lb dumbbell for 15lbs, but don't know what to do from there. Hopefully by the time I want to move up to 20lbs, equipment will be available again. I was looking into getting something before this whole thing started, but procrastinated, and am now kicking myself.

I'm also doing 100 pushups a day, which I think are doing great things for my shoulders and chest. I think I've finally figured out the correct form for them. My posture is much improved, and I don't have lower back spasms any more! Pre-t they were a daily thing, I think largely due to being unable to stand up straight due to the extreme negative emotional response it would give me.

Overall I'm pretty chill these days, though being back at work means I'm driving again. There's still very little traffic, at least, but it remains the thing that harshes my chill the most.


Nelson & Nelson/ K38
5/10/2020 | 0 comments


I go back to work tomorrow. More cases than ever, pandemic only growing, and I gotta go watch other people's dogs (assuming we get customers). Shit's crazy, yo. And I was getting so much more on unemployment, too. I'm REALLY going to miss sleeping in my own bed every night.

Sabrina was put on Phenobarbital. I haven't noticed any more tremors, but she's been unsteady on her legs ever since she got her first dose (a shot that left her limping dramatically) on Wednesday. Her back legs are especially wonky, and she now drags her feet and has worn away one of her toenails on a back foot to the point of bleeding when we go on walks. It's a known side-effect thar supposedly goes away, but my poor girl has seemed to enter old age in the span of being taken away for a minute to be given a shot (she's also been on 2x a day Pheno pills since). So I just feel bad for her and hope that what I'm doing is helpful. Seizures or loss of coordination, which is preferable? 

Otherwise, not much going on. Finished the last thing for the yard, and now it's just maintenance. Mostly been watching Community and working out. The more results I see, the more encouraged I get, so now I'm up to an hour a day, hoping to get large. I'll bjy some adjustable dumbbells as soon as that sort of thing becomes available again. 

Ugh, I don't want to go back to work. 



Strata Swell/ Krusovich
5/3/2020 | 0 comments


Not too much going on. Still under stay at home. Keeping up with the yard work, watching "Community", and working out more.

My torso seems to have crossed a threshold lately, finally seeming a bit more masculine than feminine in the shoulders and upper chest. It makes me very happy, and seeing good results has me encouraged to work out even more and pay closer attention to diet and protein intake. I've even been trying to drink less alcohol. Hoping to see some ab muscles one of these days.

In fact, results so far are promising enough that I think I may be able to get away with not having chest surgery. On the other hand, my desire for bottom surgery has grown. I don't know that I will ever feel ready to put myself through something like that (and the recoveries). It's all fantasy future stuff at this point, anyway.

Did have quite the time getting my prescription refill this week, though. I called for a refill last week, they didn't get back til five days later. I drove up to Hollywood with one day to go and realized I'd left my wallet at home and had no way of paying or proving ID. So I asked to have it transferred to a pharmacy closer to my house.

New pharmacy finally gets it a day later. I go to pick it up, and they want $180 for a month supply that I always pay $21 for. So one, no, and two, why? Called Hollywood, left a message, waited all the next day hoping they'd call me back so I could hopefully avoid having to drive back up there. No such luck.

So I now have to drive back up there anyway Saturday morning because they're closed Sunday and I've already missed two days. I drive up, ask if I can get it transferred back and why is it so expensive elsewhere (I guess they have a special deal). Sit in my truck for an hour while the transfer is done and the prescription filled. They don't have the exact thing I normally use, and what they do have is going to cost $63, which is still better than $180. So I get it. Guess I could've waited a couple more days, but then I would have to drive up again, and I've already waited my entire life and hate missing more days.

Looks like I have to continue going to Hollywood. They offer delivery, but are so terrible at calling back that I have yet to be able to arrange for that (it takes another week). But damn what an excellent price I've been getting.

That's about it for excitement. Sabrina has a thing going on, but I don't know enough yet to say what it is. But she's twelve now, so I've been expecting one thing or another. I just hope we will still have lots of time to get plenty of hikes and beach trips in once they've lifted restrictions.



Lagerville/ Octagon City
4/21/2020 | 0 comments


Everything's still fine here. LA actually seems like a safe place to be. 

Spent last week dealing with the contents of the shed. Had to psych myself up to pull the boxes out and open them up, sweeping off so so many dead spiders (and a few that managed to live through being gassed).

I have more resin than I remembered having, and my cabinet is now full of busts from LotR, Potter and Star Wars. Managed to find room for a few statues, too, but it's still probably only about half of it on display. The rest I've tucked away in the attic. Also rearranged my CDs a bit, since I got rid of 65% of them last year, making room on shelves for a few more action figures. The rest of those are also now in the attic, minus a couple extra-large boxes that won't fit that will either stay in the shed (if we keep it up) or go in the garage, should the housemates ever make room.

Anyway, that project took up the week, and it was nice to busy. I've gotten to all of the big things that had to be done, so boredom is creeping it a bit more now.

The weekend was, of course, when w2 of Coachella would've been. My favorite weekend of the year. I finally put together the puzzle that came with the 2018 box (got the birds - my favorite of the four possibilities). Hadn't put together a puzzle in forever, and enjoyed it.

Sunday was Bicycle Day, which I celebrate out of principle every year (often at Coachella, which of course is my preference). I'm still trying to get a handle on dosing liquid, and ended up wishing I'd had a little more, but I had a good time regardless.

First time tripping since getting more serious about strength training, and I found working out under the influence to be quite strange due to how muscled my body felt.

Guess that about sums up where things stand.



Pua Hana/ Pineapple Mana
4/12/2020 | 0 comments

Apologies again. I've been lazy, and bme was seemingly down for a few days. 

It's Coachella weekend (one). So I haven't been especially happy these last few days. They did release the documentary about the first 20 years on Friday, so I did have some Coachella in my life this weekend, but also seeing footage made it harder to not be there. 

And it would've been raining there Friday, so I could have had my second ever rainchella. Bummer.

So yeah, it's been raining a lot. Additional bummer that we have an extra-cold spring, and I can't even go hiking. 

We got the wood delivered, and I got it arranged poorly in the attic. It's just naked beams, pipes and wiring up there, so it's hard to find anywhere to set stuff so it's nkt interfering with the rest. But there's a good spot above the front of the house, and I have a bug bomb going in my storage shed at this very moment. TomoyI will face the terror of the shed and take a look at my stuff for the first time in nine years. 

That's been the excitement lately. Otherwise giving the dogs two walks a day, trying to keep up with moving weights around with my arms  and spending time in the yard when it isn't raining. All family and friends seemingly are fine so far. 

I just want Coachella to happen in October so very much. 


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