Professional Piercer at Flesh Impressions at Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia. First Australian Professional Body Piercer to be trained by Samppa Von Cyborg in Magnetic Implants.



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"The fundamental question in becoming publicly modified is a question of finding a balance between how free you want to be and how hard you want to work. The more free you are, the more responibility you have to take for yourself. The more you blend back into the crowd, the less freedom you have, but the 'easier' your life gets. But is it really your life if you're not controlling it?" - Shannon Larratt 1973 - 2013



Forever in our hearts, our minds and our blood
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The reason behind every post and every photo I put on BME is to keep the legacy and ideals of this amazing man alive and thriving. Continue to share your experiences, educated others and never stop learning for yourself.

Killer Germs
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First text I would suggest if you want to understand more on cross contamination than what the Australian Public Health Act can provide. Freaked me out a little with the Influenza, Ebola and parasitic virus chapters. But was an awesome explanation to how sterility came about and how micro organisms are transferred so easily between humans/animals/surfaces etc.

I bought it for my kindle here http://www.amazon.com/Killer-Germs-Barry-Zimmerman/dp/0071409262

My Magnetic Implant
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My Implant was performed by Samppa Von Cyborg on his 2013 Australia visit. This photo was taken the day after the implant was taken. As you can see, only a tiny needle incision is left.

A small amount of bruising and swelling followed the next few days, but was under control with ibuprofen and ice packs. Barely any pain followed. I returned to piercing (work) the next day with ease.

It is now close to four weeks old and is getting stronger each week as the tissue around it returns to normal (skin cells repairing themselves). I can now hold small lighters and multiple bobby pins etc.


Philtrum update
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My Philtrum was my first large gauge piercing and I love it.

Initially pierced with a 10gauge blade, with Industrial Strength Blurple labret post.

It is to date the most painful piercing I have ever experienced, but completely worth it.

Healing was fantastic, swelling being my only issue but ice packs brought that down over a week or so. Crusting and uncomfortability was also gone by the end of the week and I was back to eating normally.

5 months down the track and i am down to the correct length. No gum erosion as yet and it doesn't rub on my teeth either. Obviously due to Paul Errington's perfect placement.

The only downfall is that with all of my piercings I constantly suffer from hypertrophic scarring, with no amount of soaks (chamomile, saline, hydrogen peroxide) helping at all. So I do get these blisters regularly on the inside of my mouth just around the fistula. This is standard of all of my piercings and with age they will minimise and slowly go away.

I am hoping to stretch to the next size once it hits 12mths old.

Magnetic Implants now available at Flesh Impressions
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Come visit me at the shop :)

I also have an information sheet available if you would like to know more.

Email me here or at kylafae.piercing@gmail.com



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