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Well hot damn!
3/29/2007 | 5 comments

I made the cover of BMEZine today. :) woop-woop!

Also attached is the image Shannon recently put on ModBlog too!


Busy 'lil bee!
3/29/2007 | 17 comments

I've barely had anytime to even grab a second online, let alone update my bme page. I got off my arse today and subscribed for an hour of wireless. Soo much to upload, so little time!

Check my trackers out, 2 updated trackers and thee new ones! Woo!

Finishing this post from my hiptop after uploading some pictures and eunning out of time. I luff dis phone.

Got to hang with unkie Pete today and got some lovely work done. Check my tracker (and attached imgs) for more. Verrrry impressed with my wrist. It's doing amazing, I honestly haven't even felt a thing and it looks fucking great!

The experimentaly high-gauge bridge is quite sore however, and very bloody. The procedure was pretty difficult and I had skin of steel. :). Fingers cross it settles down nice and straight and ill most likely chuch in a nice glass post (to keep it low profile). I have wanted it done for so many years, it's really nice to finally have it - but the anal side of me worries greatly about it.

On to other news. Got lotsa swag in the past few days from local shops! Comic shops ahoooy!!! So many figurenes, lunch boxes, cards and clothes. So many clothes.... I can't believe how much stuff we are going to have to lug back with us.

Many of you already noticed, I got on modblog again the other day. ^_^. This time for my back and there were a bunch of really lovely comments about it. Joy! Glad to see people luff it as much as me.

Hung with Pony & Chelf-bomb last night (till realllll late). It was really great to catch up and chill (while chowing on pizza! Woo!). Got home at 4am and just couldn't sleep so I worked on the new lunacobra design layout. I'll have to post a screenshot soon.

Well, I'm noozie and big day tomorrow! (Yup, mo shoppin!). Ttfn.

Icecream is luff.
3/22/2007 | 17 comments

So yesterday me and RenRen had the BEST noozie! We didn't leave the hotel till around 3pm. It was fucking GREAT.

I had spent most of the evening before on the dodgey hotel wifi internet. From what I can tell they just have 3 802.11b WAPs connected up to a 512x128 adsl connection. Not pleasant when you want to upload a LOT of high-rez images, but it did the trick. I needed a new Ubuntu iso (they are ~700m) and attempted to download it (from a resumable server). It was horrible!

Lucky for us, we found a phat internet cafe. I downloaded the iso in around 4 minutes at 15600kbps (seriously). It was the best and with print-offs for my tattoo, came in at a pleasant $4.

Anyhow, on the way to lovely Tattoo Magic, we were talking about placement and size of my white CBB/CBR (previously mentioned). We decided that large (around 8cm) on the top of my hands would be a much more ideal placement and went with it!

We were pleasantly greeted by Tim @ TM and got straight to it. He doesn't fuck around. The CBB took around 45minutes in total, 5 minutes of that placing the stencil on PERFECTLY. I'm really happy with it and it looks like it has held in good. I've attached a couple pics (before I update my tracker tomorrow or the next)