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Greetings all.
7/10/2005 | 1 comments

Yesterday at the markets was pretty full on, when I got up it was really crazy and almost surreal. The ground was wet, however it was dry in the air and it wasn't raining and there was just a thick layer of fog everywhere. It was difficult to get to the station (packed with 3 back-packs full of stock) when you can barely see cars moving around you. Pretty scary actually.

I got to the markets (a touch late, but not overly) and noticed that there were very few people there... all the store holders were scared of the potential (and foretasted) rain... I didn't even check, and I'm glad I didn't because it was an awesome day with the exception of 5 minutes of light sprinkle showers. My friend John (or is it Jon.. ?) who owns a food stall there and I had a great talk in the afternoon and he stayed in bed until the every last minute that he decided to get up and get his shit together for the markets. He didn't have much pasta/salads, so I continued to embrace my new found vegetarianism and had a really delicious bean nachos! I fucking love nachos... now if I could only find a way to be able to eat them without running out of sour cream. They put an ungodly dollop of the stuff on there, I'm talking a tower... and it vanished. I think the sour cream thieves are out again... lock your fridges ppl.

I took Jon's 'lil Canon A200 with me too, and took a bunch of (mostly random) photos - most were pretty fucked, but some turned out decent. I have decided that I'm going to make a gallery just of random shit from the markets just to plop them all somewhere. I got some kinda cool shots of my stand too, its lookin a bit dodgey this week as I didn't take them until about midday and a lot of people messed up my lil displays and arrangements. Oh well, at least now people can stop asking me to take photos of my stall! ^_^

For those of you who didn't notice my latest addition - check out the Play Piering gallery to your right. It's all new, and kinda freaky. Nothing too extreme (yet), its really my first decent play and was an excuse to put some sorta freaky shit up on deviant art. (http://joeltron.deviantart.com).
I'm very excited about tomorrow, its me and Juzzies 3 year anniversary... no shit, three fucking years. It seams only yesterday she was staggering over to me, drunk as hell, murmuring "shovveee love" and collapsing next to me.. oh, what lovely memories. lol. I can't wait to give her all of her cool pressies, I sorta went pretty out this year (and no, I'm still broke as hell... I just wanna make her happy!). I will post pics AFTER tomorrow, so I don't ruin the surprise ('sif she reads my blog anyway, but I'mma be paranoid all the same).

Anyhow, to fill you guys in on the last couple days - I haven't been on the irc://#IAM chat much lately, due to me feeling like total fucking crap and having so much work on I could fucking explode. So sorry if you've missed me. I got my bike pre-learners certificate deelie... Crazy shit. I was so fucking petrified on that damn bike, I think I went okay however. The other two guys had both been riding bikes for many years, and had their full car licenses - I felt pretty n00b had not even driver a car/bike before.

Why the hell not, here's some photos I took of the place I was at during our break. I'm not gonna put up any pics of the trainer or other guys (I don't think they would care, but I didn't ask all the same). So check it out, enjoy and please post comments/ideas/anything about my play piercing or soon to go up 'Random Market Shit' gallery.


Oh yeah, I had some fun with new jewellery! WIldcat currently have a crazy special on a bunch of blackline tombstone navel rings. Heres the stock photo:
http://www.wildcataustralia.com.au/images/products/kts03.jpg. You are meant to wear it so that the slave ball is on the top of the navel, and sort of covers the bar and belly button area. They are pretty cool, especially in blackline.

You can see in some of the following pictures what I did, but basically I stole the dangely bit of it and attached it to my central labret. I think it looked pretty cool, and I got quite a few comments on it yesterday - mostly "wow, you got a new piercing?!!" even though I had it done since year 11 in high school. Still, I think its cute.

- 'tron

7/7/2005 | 0 comments


It's my friend Ben's bday today! w007! .. well.. yesterday, we are just back from teepan-yakie! w007! It was really cool and it was great to catch up with Ben and Kristy (his crazy wife). Its sorta scary sometimes, we have known each other for quite some