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My name is Jessica, or Rabbit. I was born the day after Valentines Day in 1996. I just started getting piercings in 2013; finally convinced someone to sign for me. I never had anything pierced before, not even my ears. Not really into stretching, but I had my dahlia bites pushed into a 14g. Since my left lobe rejected, I'm planning on doing 3 stretches on 3 lobe piercings(when I get them) 10g, 12g, 14g. I don't know what else to get pierced, so I'ma wait and start getting tattoos until then. Instagram:  imjessicarabbit

Snake eyes 14g: 03/14/13


Dahlia bites 14g: 06/22/13


Two transverse lobes 14g: left 08/10/13-10/11/13 right 09/25/13-10/19/13



8/9/13 First transverse lobe
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My first ear piercing was this; transverse lobe. I first found it on here. I never had my ears pierced before this. On a scale 1 - 10 it was about a 7. Don't know why, but it had me in tears. Probably because of how scared I was. It burned for maybe an hour, bleed for a couple days and then it stopped hurting after the first day. Now its just sore because my hair keeps wrapping around it, and snagging on it. Sometimes I'll over in my sleep and bump it and I'll wake up with a sore ear, or two! Bruising was uglyyy, as you can see. Anyways, I like it, and almost everyone likes it. HOPE it stays with me until I take it out, and not when it gets ripped out. I'll pierce it if worse comes to worse.


Piercings I've done so far.
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So far I've pierced my dad's 60yr old nipple. Then I pierced a friend's tongue webbing, that came out and then I put in a cbr, but he took it out because it was hurting x amount of weeks later. Then I pierced a vertical hood, she wouldn't let me take a picture of her vag. Poop on her! Finally I pierced a friend's belly button. So far they're all straight, which makes me happy! :)

First piercing i did.

Second transverselobe
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After school on 9/25/13, I went to my sort-of-job at the tattoo/piercing parlor. Before that, I was at school asking students and teachers if I should get my right ear done like my left. Most said YES! So I kept that in mind. My left transverse lobe was my first ear piercing anyway. I kind of go 'extreme' for first piercings, or so I'm told. I wasn't going to get my second one, but if he said yes, I would get it done. He said yes, so I did it. Plus I was upset, and itching for a piercing... so that kind of played a role in getting it done.My transverselobes.

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