new game
9/16/2002 | 0 comments

You’re a weary traveler, approaching a dark and mysterious building in the driving rain. Although it looks a bit ominous, any lodging will do after your exhausting day, so you push through the front doors under a large "Gregory House" sign. Peals of deranged laughter greet you, and you turn hastily to leave, only to feel a clawed hand on your shoulder. Spinning around in fright, you come face to face with Gregory, a hideously misshapen mouse who introduces himself as the caretaker of this unique hotel. As you reluctantly follow the spooky rodent, mysterious sounds, screams and wails assail your ears. Finally, it is too much for your faint heart, and you mumble half-hearted excuses to Gregory as you hightail it for the door.

"But you must have misunderstood, dear guest," cackles Gregory, "once you enter Gregory House, it is quite impossible to leave. Heh heh heh heh!"

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added a new cool place check it out

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going to bed...good night

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added more suspension pics. i think the page is coming along nicely. thats all for now....:)