"Never judge a book by its cover"

A pierced (ex-)librarian....whatever next....where will it all end? I really don't know, but this is my story so far.

About me:
Born in 1948, which makes me...OK, so you do the math. Eyes - Green. Height - 5ft 9ins. Weight - currently 154lbs (but trying to get it down). Starsign - Libra: the sign of a balanced personality, hmmm.

Being nice to people. Beautiful golden sunsets. Cacti: the way they defy the odds of nature. Chinese food. Feeling the need not to take anything too seriously. A long soak in a hot tub. On-line shopping. Relaxing and doing nothing occasionally. Sixties' music. Oh - and BME, of course.

Favourite film of all time:

Whingers - 'If you can't cheer up, shut up'. Cold wet winter days. Homophobia. Indecision. ISPs that cut out on you after two hours. Junk mail that's sent in an envelope saying "Important - This is not a circular". Machines that don't work like they're supposed to. Weak coffee. Websites that say only 'Under construction'. Cruelty to animals - remember, they were here first.

"Don't knock it till you've tried it."

Big boots, high heels, black leather, skin-tight rubber, PVC, corsets... Mmmmmmm!

BO: there's NO excuse for it - soap and deodorant are NOT that expensive.

Pet hate:
Intolerance - 'If you don't like it don't do it, but don't tell everyone else they shouldn't like or do it either'.

Goal in life:
Be happy - There are enough miserable ****s in the world without me adding to them.

My "library catalog":
In stock (in order of acquisition) - PA ring (now 5mm); paired standard lobe rings (currently at 4mm); septum (now with circular barbell); stomach tattoo; pubic piercing (titanium CBR) *RIP 18 Jan 2002*; centre tongue (2mm barbell); navel rings (only the inverse remains out of the pair); paired 21mm dia nipple rings (first two pairs both rejected); BME and Celtic Rings logo tattoos - matching pair on both outside shoulders; Madison (14ga CBR) *RIP 17 Mar 2002*; wrist bar (PTFE) done during the British Meet at Brighton - rejected, but only after 4 years; 'love handles' - paired D-ring surface piercings *RIP*; cartilage ring (left ear); tragus (right ear); nape (PTFE bar)*RIP*; second pair of nipple piercings (vertical barbells); second nape *RIP*; bridge; BMEboy tattoo (centre back); 16mm dia guiche (my third try at a guiche) *RIP 6 Jan 2002*; third nape *also RIP*; 'Cell' back rings - a set of 6 D-Rings (lasted around nine months); pair of spinal surface bars *RIP*; replacement pubic ring *RIP* and guiche *guiche RIP 13 Apr 2002 after only two weeks!*; replacement Madison (12ga CBR) *RIP*; smiley aka scrumper *RIP*: paired foreskin rings.
Future additions: It's been some years now since I added anything new, or replaced anything. But that doesn't mean the urge may not strike again at any time!
And I'll bet that that you thought that librarians were boring old ****ers!

Version: 0.03
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My blog:
Slices of Life Come and see what I get up to when I'm let loose by myself!

My BME articles:
Read all about it! - our Brits' May Bank Holiday get-together in Brighton
Don's handy guide to writing BME 'experiences'

My BME interview:
As BME's Number one experience reviewer, I was very honoured to have been interviewed by Roo for BME on 21 February 2007 - here you go .....
Teenage Mutant Ninja Librarian

My buddy pics:
You're out of luck here: there aren't any. Why not? Not because I don't have any buddies - there are lots of really great people here on IAM. But I didn't want to put up a screenful of buddies just because everyone else's page has one. I like to be an individual, to do what's right for me - that's what BME is all about, really.... Just in case you were wondering.

My character:
(And here I quote from the results of a psychometric test): "Happy in his own company. Prefers to make his own decisions. Co-operative and obliging. Avoids conflict. Modest. Even temperament. Non-emotional. Relaxed. Copes without being flustered. Concentrates on the big picture rather than the detail. Quite radical. A challenge rather than the conventional. Non-conformist. Disorganized. Spontaneous reactions. Solution-focussed. High expediency. Finds his own way of doing things. Confident intellectual. Generates interesting, practical ideas."

My chastity:
Ever wondered what it's like to be locked up in a chastity belt? You can read all about my chastity escapades in the IAM Chastity Forum

My corsets:
Yes - I wear a corset! My current favourite to be laced up in is my black 28" PVC one, which you can see along with my others in my Corset Collection gallery.

My counter:
Currently at: - Thanks for stopping by: enjoy your visit!

My days as a schoolboy:

Me as a second-former

Me... as a second-former, aged 12!

Click the photo to read the story in words and pictures of my days as a grammar-school pupil in the 1960s.


3/22/2010 | 4 comments

I was commenting on someone else's blog the other day (one totally unrelated to Body Modification, incidentally) about how I'm something of an exhibitionist when it comes to getting genital piercings: I used to love having friends watching, taking pictures and posting them online. It added an extra dimension to what was already a pleasant memorable and thoroughly enjoyable occasion. When I think back to how I used to cower in a corner in the Changing Rooms at school, terrified in case any of the other boys spotted my puny little naughty bits and started laughing at me, I can't believe how much I've changed. Ever since I took the plunge 20 years ago and got my PA - and joined BME ten years later, a series of piercings and tattoos has been the catalyst for a decade marked by the shedding of inhibitions, a growing self-confidence and a period of self-discovery which has done me a power of good.

But nothing lasts forever. It's been a number of years now since I got any new mods, although I've for the most part managed to hang on to the ones I've still got. The BME 2.0 Beta is still there, holding out the tantalizing promise of a super new site - but it's a promise as yet unfulfilled. And it's now been exactly three weeks since there were last any experience submissions for me to review. The culmination of these factors is that I'm spending less and less time online (or should I say on "BME-line") now. And the saddest part of it all is that I'm finding I don't really miss it. There was a time a couple of years ago when I'd get withdrawal symptoms from not getting my daily fix - hourly fix, almost! But somehow a lot of the magic is fading: it just isn't the same anymore. I don't feel the same way about it as I once did, and there's no point in pretending that I do. I was inordinately proud of my Number One spot on the Reviewers' Board, but even if that's eventually resurrected in some BME 2.0 form, the longer I go without it, the less bothered I am about getting back to it. Maybe it's time to pass that particular torch to someone else now: I have an achievement which I can look back on with pride and nothing's ever going to take that away from me.

So.... almost eleven years since I submitted that first nipple piercing experience and waited with baited breath in case the ground was going to open up and swallow me, I somehow sense it's perhaps time to move on. I'll always remember the fun I had, the things I learned, the things I found out about myself, the great people I met, the friends I made and the contribution it made to my life. And I'll always have my BME tattoos as a permanent souvenir, to take to the grave with me, of how much it all meant to me.

*EDIT* 25 Mar 2010
Since I wrote that entry at the beginning of the week, a number of people have been kind enough to say that they'll miss me and to express the wish that I'll change my mind. I'm not going to delete my page, but it would be dishonest of me get anyone's false hopes up. I'd love to stay in touch with anyone who'd like to do the same, and I've now got a blog of my very own, which takes over where my IAM page leaves off: Slices of Life.

Vaya con Dios!

Piercing graveyard?
3/12/2010 | 1 comments
Tags: mods

For the last few days, I've been doing a bit of a beta test on the forthcoming BME 2.0. It's been a long time coming, but from a first impressions basis, it seems I would say to hold out promise of a very stylish and much improved site.

The existing databases are supposed to have been imported, but I'm a little perturbed to discover that a considerable number of the image submissions I'd uploaded in the early days of my "piercing spree" - from around 1999-2002 - seem to be missing. Has it really been that long since I had anything done? Or have I just not had it photographed? I know back then I made a point of taking my camera with me to get procedural shots of many of my mods, and I have a nasty feeling that I no longer have the original image files.

But looking back through the archived material on the current site, I got more than just a little sad at the number of mods I got which haven't survived. Some, like my famous "Cell" back rings, I wasn't really expecting to: visually stunning, they were pretty impractical more or less from the outset. Fun while they lasted, nonetheless. I do keep toying with the idea of getting something 'replaced' but haven't yet put that into action. Certainly the old pics and souvenirs may perhaps yet be the catalyst to spur me into action.

More testing times.... ?
3/5/2010 | 0 comments

After my success yesterday at "recreating" my O level English pass, I started idly wondering how I'd fare if I had to re-sit my 11-plus exam again! Oddly enough I have next to no recollection of it at all: other than that I'd have been only ten and (presumably) in my last year at Junior School. Unlike my O and A levels, my school reports have no reference to it all. I'm fairly certain we did some practice tests, some under exam conditions, but neither the school nor my parents went in for any "cramming" for it. I've absolutely no idea what I scored, nor even whether I was told that at the time. So when I took the plunge earlier this morning, and had a go at some online demos, it was very much something of a shot in the dark.

The maths test I found fairly easy, and scored 9/10. The one I got wrong was because I couldn't remember how you worked out what a 'median' was from a set of numbers - I only remembered that it was different from the 'average'. The English test I scored 10 on without much real hesitation at all. I did get grade As for both Arithmetic and Spelling at Junior School - but of course that was then and this is now!

The non-verbal reasoning test (involving shapes and spatial relationships) I found really hard, and although I scored 10 it was mainly by guessing the correct answer by a process of eliminating the incorrect ones. This test did bring back some very distant memories of having had to do something very similar, and at a guess I'd have found it hard then, too. The final one - the verbal reasoning - was mixed: some I found really easy: others I had to think about. But I did score a 10.

Both then and now, the real exam is timed. I'm not sure how I'd have fared on a full length-one, though I recollect that we were told always to answer the quick and easy questions first to clock up a good score, and go back to the difficult ones at the end (by which time a bit of practice would often have made them seem easier). The online version won't let you do that. I honestly can't remember enough about the original to say whether it's changed much over the years. I suspect the emphasis may have shifted slightly, but I doubt the whole thing has undergone a radical transformation. Either way, I was quite pleased (and secretly more than just a little relieved) to have got such a creditable score!

Remembering and forgetting
3/4/2010 | 2 comments

On the whole I'm blessed, I think, with a fairly retentive memory - for some things at least. Like most people, I obviously don't bother trying to remember things I know I'm not going to need any more and therefore I'd always assumed that would be especially true of school exams: if had to re-sit them today I'd fail them all simply because I hadn't since retained or used any of the information I'd needed at the time. Arguably that's a measure of how useless school exams are in the first place, of course.

So out of curiosity, when I came across this article discussing whether the old O levels were or weren't any more difficult than their modern-day GCSE equivalents - a recurrent theme which crops up a lot over the years - I took a closer look. I sat O level Maths and English Language in June 1963 at the age of 14, and coincidentally they were the two subjects for which sample papers had been posted. The Maths, for which I got a Grade 2 at the time, I'd fail. I just haven't needed or used any of the concepts or techniques over the last 45 years, and however well I might have understood them at the time, I've forgotten them all now and wouldn't know where to start, quite honestly.

The English Language on the other hand, for which I got a Grade 6 - ie a borderline pass - I'd now do much better on, possibly even getting an A. I still understood the basic concepts just as I'd done as a schoolboy, and (somewhat to my surprise, I think) picked out the correct answers without any real difficulty at all. The big plus, I have to say, is that my vocabulary is much wider now than it was then - but above all, I've used it and tried over the years to write English which is for the most part grammatically correct although hopefully not as stilted and old-fashioned as the comprehension test-piece seemed.

But then I was taught grammar at school, and how to use it - something that's fallen out of favour over the years. Which of course is why so many people write things such as "The dog had hurt it’s paw." - they've no idea that it's wrong, let alone why!

Choosing a future
3/1/2010 | 0 comments
Tags: In the News

I saw in today's news that the results are about to be sent out in response to the annual applications for secondary school places. Not having kids, it's not something that affects me with anything other than passing interest, but for those who are affected it's a particularly stressful time which is reported to give rise to "cheating" on a significant if not widespread scale.

In my day, there wasn't any parental choice (or not that I was aware of). The results of your eleven-plus exam determined which school you went to: in the case of secondary modern schools, which accounted for the majority of pupils, you normally simply went to the nearest one as there wasn't generally perceived to be much to pick and choose about. But I passed, and went to a grammar school and thus ended up at Leamington College for Boys. In fact, the local education authority paid (and I believe still does pay) for a certain number of places at Warwick School, which is where my nephew went, but I don't know on what basis they select the pupils concerned. In my day, the "word on the street" was the posh kids went to Warwick and the riff-raff went to Leamington College, and as with most urban myths I suspect there was a grain of truth in it somewhere along the line.

In most parts of the UK there are no longer any grammar schools left, and the 'choice' of school has consequently shifted towards parental preference. Perhaps inevitably, "good" schools are heavily over-subscribed and while allegedly objective criteria are applied to determine which pupils are admitted, it's probably small comfort to the unsuccessful ones. While I wouldn't necessarily knock the idea of grading schools by their performance and publishing the results, the flipside of that is that it creates "bad" schools at the bottom of the pile that no-one wants to go to. Which, of course, was partly the logic behind abandoning selective education in the first place. */end cynicism*


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