3/15/2010 | 0 comments

Dancing in for the first time since I left New Zealand, and disappointed that my body isn't sore.

Drunk By Noon
2/16/2010 | 0 comments

The rules are simple: Should there be a snow day, gather your friends together and get drunk by noon. It is a great winter activity and challenges people to be awake and social in the daytime. This meme was passed down to me from the Pirates of SUNY Purchase. Dan Comstock, AKA Professor Cramulus, did a song entitled Cup of Ra. Good to sing with your mates as you get smashed Cup of Ra Oh it is pretty bleak this morning this morning start drinking. Oh it is pretty bleak to be drinking in the day time says society. So if you get drunk in the afternoon, its time to make amends. Just hold of drinking until evening and get drunk with your friends. It’s healthy, it’s healthy. Oh it’s pretty bleak this morning I’m thinking start drinking. Oh it is pretty bleak to be drinking In the day time says society. It’s healthy it’s healthy says society. It’s healthy it’s society It’s health.

1/25/2010 | 0 comments

I'm back at school now in Danbury. A new semester full of (hopefully) delightful and engaging classes. Sigh* My new place is larger than the last one and I'm hoping I haven't the same room mate issues. I'm pretty optimistic about that. I wonder how I can develop this system skillful to get my needs met without the strife and drama or immature BS that happened last time. I'm looking forward to "MEADINGS" and making merry in my new place.

8/26/2009 | 0 comments

One more holiday before heading back to school, camping for a couple of days in pittsfield state forest :) Hurray ROP and their hooks of delightful suspension!

On Holiday
7/8/2009 | 0 comments

I just got in this morning (bout 3 AM) and have realized how little time I've been sedentary. In the good company of me and mine. This weekend, starting Thursday, I'll be going to the boogie after which I'll be able to plan future excursions, hopefully down to NC and up to Albany, Canada perhaps? I got a cache of books that I ordered which will give me plenty of reading fuel if I need them in transit. I tend to consume media when traveling. There are things to do! There always are hahahhaha I love finding myself in 'human' situations.

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