"Love being pierced the more I get the happier I am pain gives piece of mind"

1 deep shaft 8g apadravya used with PAW
00g right nipple
8g horizontal and 6g verticle left nipple
3 12g left ear
1 16g right ear
1 0g reverse PA
1 12g Lorum

Tattoos old Gemini sign (will get replaced) new Gemini sign right side shoulder
0g Prince Albert
14g frenum
00g left nipple

tattoo all of stomach
get reverse PA (done)
anal piercing


In my attempt to be the best I can be I find myself in contempt. I am not the person I used to be three years ago my physical and emotional disorders keep me in this tumultuous abyss. Life to me is only precious when looking at the ones you love and the BME community not the one you hate (me) the only reasons for my existence in this deteriorating derogatory world.



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3/16/2014 | 0 comments

Well another sober day it's a miracle.

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3/5/2014 | 0 comments

I am beyond pissed and now I have to make a stand I am being forced to take the alligator by the tail. I have enough problem trying to keep from expiring myself through the wonders of drugs and having to deal with loved ones that have a gambling problem that effects the whole family. I have abstained from illegal drugs for a long time and it isn't easy and now that I am put under severe pressure to make things right I might as well go for the gold. Man a nice 100cc filled with coke sure sounds good I can feel my stomach getting nauseated as I speak.  

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12/27/2013 | 0 comments

Since July I have renewed my subscription and I must say I am glad to be back. In my last post I mentioned about loosing the ball and getting a shorter bar that ended up reseeding. Well now I have to get it out for I have a CT Scan next month and I can't have any mettle on me so I need to take the bar out and replace it with a plastic (acrylic) bar that's at least 1" long and I am having a hard time finding someone who makes them. If anybody knows a place please let me know.   

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7/5/2013 | 0 comments


Some people might be confused as to what exactly I am trying to explain. what it is the original barbell is little over an inch I lost the ball to it and had to buy an eight Gage that was a lot shorter and actually was pinching the urethra together. This caused the skin to stretch behind the ball therefore the ball slipped inbetween the urethra and the skin leaving the just the hole, I will post some pics to try and make more understandable. Hopefully until then someone can figure this out.




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7/1/2013 | 2 comments


I am trying to be more active with my posts so I can keep willing people informed. I would like to get some feedback with a problem I have. I have a shaft piercing with an eight Gage barbell (see profile) recently I lost the bottom ball and had to buy a lot shorter one temp. Well when I did that I didn't realize the that the ball had reseeded between the foreskin and the shaft and is causing some discomfort I need to get that ball back outside the skin. Hopefully someone can help. Other than that not much has changed other than I have to take my son to the doctor for his eye it had puffed up on the lower right lid and he complains of a lot of pain I have a sameday appointment at 1:00pm. 



45 headshots.

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