I am what I intend to be.

I control my destiny

I want to be covered in tattoos and piercings

I am a  wolf in sheep's clothing when it comes to dealing with the rest of the world.

I'm kinda random...if you haven't noticed.

I want my future husband to love tattoos and piercings as much as I do, and not because they belong to any mainstream bullshit that exploits it.

I am an outreach assistant for a home energy efficiency company (Next Step Living)

I love my job very much. Not only am I respected as an individual, but there is free beer every 3rd Friday of the month after training, and the guys are pretty fucking sexy too.

Moderately/heavily modified men instantly make me wet.

I am a USCOBM member.

I hate corporate america, even though my training in IT is currently preparing me for that work environment...for the love of BIOS!

ummmm errrrrr

I like spending minutes even up to an hour of my time just sitting down and thinking, and dreaming and fantasizing.

I have one tattoo (double Pisces symbol on the chest), 8g lobes (I want to go up to 1 inch), second lobes (fuck you piercing gun they wont close!) right industrial, septum, labret, and 1 month old never-thought-I-would-get-em-done nipples (YAY!)

I love the feeling of a tattoo gun scraping my skin

I want to find more people who are passionate about modification and who aren't idiots about it and actually understand it like I do, but in my area (Mass)

I think that's it for now.



11/29/2012 | 3 comments

You know that awkward moment when you say you are going to get all your piercings on Wednesday, but that's your piercer's day off? 

So I went to the mall and spent $158 at the mall of business winter attire (I love Wetseal, they really hooked me up) so now I don;t look like and old miserable dry vagina woman. I actually look like my head is not stuck up my ass, and that I have a personality. 

Worth every penny. And they had a mega sale so it would have been $200. And they gave me some free stuff.

Talked to my piercer today. pretty good news: He can pierce my conch at an 8 gauge (bigger than a 10 and looking at the 8g plugs in my ears, I'm definitely not mad. Bring on the pain.

kinda weird because it was going to be between tragus-conch and tragus-double nostril, and I cannot afford all three at once...not until the next 2 weeks. why:

Tomorrow I am going to Radioshack with a friend (who works there), to see if I can get a lona on an IPAD (I feel like I would need it for the field that I currently training to work in. If I do helpdesk or desktop (troubleshooting people's pcs in person rather than over the phone), I'm going to need something portable, so I don't have to walk back and forth. I'd be the best IT helpdesk/desktop sexy nerd there! ;).

After that I'm going to Chinatown with another friend to check out a sex shop called Amazings, so that maybe, I can finally find the perfect boyfriend (and by boyfriend I mean the perfect dildo/vibrator combination).

Then after that I'm gonna get myself pierced up (I'm probably going to do tragus /conch since it would be so much cheaper, I don't have to get everything at once, good thing take time...it would be unwise).

And then after that, I should be going to the supermarket.

And then I work a full weekend with 2 days of an 8 hour event, at the same place. So that is basically like the double events that I was dreaming about, without the extra travel time between, because I'm in one spot for 8 hours. It is seriously a dream come true.

Kinda sad sometimes: I feel like I'm the perfect girl, I make my own money, I give 100% of my whole fucking heart to any one I consider worthy of it, I'm intelligent, I have motivation and ambition, I have so much to talk about, and I actually listen and understand men and I'm pretty good in the sack as well, but yet, here I sit typing away, still single and incredibly lonely/horny with no one to talk to or play with.  So I will probably never fully be happy. I mean a dildo could take away some of the frustration, but it does not have hands, or a tongue, or a body containing energy that I could share with it. Make me hate couple who openly express their affection in front of me who I have to force a smile around so I don;t look miserable and bitter. Fuck you guys.

On another note, I thought I was supposed to be studying for an exam tomorrow, but good old instructor decided to make it today, so we could have more time to do the lab tomorrow, and allow us to retake it. I was freaking out, but I got a 95%. And you wanna know why I didn't get a 100%, it was because in all my frantic excitement, I forgot to properly click the answer bubble next to the RIGHT ANSWER. so technically I got a 100% by technical foul xP. Considering retaking the test to make it official, I know that nobody is perfect, but I can't let that 5% just slip by me like that.

I haven't really made a lot of friends on here, I don't really know how. I heard BME and IAM have changed last year, and that no one goes on it anymore. I guess there would be no point in purchasing anything would there? I wanted to purchasing the BME hard subscription, because I like that shit for some absurd reason, but if no one is on it...

I'll see I guess..

Titty Sprinkles
11/27/2012 | 0 comments

Found out my trainer was single yesterday, which is awesome because I would like him to work me out in more ways than one.

I'm so exhausted, and for some reason, drinking nothing but water all day is exhausting.

It's funny how much I love my boobs more now that I got my nipples pierced. It's funny because because I was never going to get them done. But I did: My boobs are not  just sexual organs to me (even though these piercings have enhanced that feature, Veddy nice!), but they are tools at maintaining life. So I guess I like to decorate things that mean something to me in temporarily-painful jewelry, so sue me.

I got my septum in celebration of the victims of bullfighting, who in their last moments, manage to take the bastard matadors down with them, I horn through the throat is way less than they really deserve. I also feel like my piercings set up a certain way create some sort of energy balance within me (things like my lip, tragus, industrial(actually a birthday gift to myself). Again, it is something that I have to FEEL. And it is also something I can't explain. At the moment I feel for double nostril, well I have felt for double nostril before, but I never thought I would get it because I thought it would be too much, especially with my septum. Now I'm beginning to say "fuck it.." 


I have really large outer labia, really small inner labia and virtually no clitoral hood. So basically the only genital piercing I qualify for and would be the most comfortable to heal is the Christina.

That's more for another day.

I honestly want to be pierced so badly. I can;t wait until tomorrow, half my paycheck will go to tragus and conch (hopefully if my piercer can pierce it at a  higher gauge than 14, even at least a 10 gauge, if not, I might use the money for double nostrils instead.

I could talk about piercings all day...but I think I'll save some more of my self conversations for tomorrow and lurk for the rest of the night.

Can't get everything out in one night, then what will I talk about tomorrow?! xP

11/26/2012 | 0 comments

You know that awkward moment when you write a meaningful diary post and then your whole room shorts out, and then you go to the basement and you officially learn how a breaker work and then you're like


So anyways...as I was saying before, heavy genital mods turn me on in a really weird way I like looking at them and stuff. So I will be lurking the pages (and secretly hoping to get lurked in return :*) 

I love piercings in general. The are probably the only connection to my African ancestry; the only connection I will ever truly feel deep within me. It's not really something that I can explain, but I can feel it very well. It is also my form of therapy. I feel like they are the antennae that helps me  navigate the various sources of energy that surround me every day. 

Did I mention that I'm a weirdo?

No Chapter 5 test on Operating systems tomorrow, I'm very happy. I shall celebrate by procrastinating on homework that actually IS due tomorrow. xP

I think I will get my tragus done 14g on Wednesday with first paycheck, and then conch done with second paycheck.

I'm still on the fence about double nostril... as a matter of fact I'mm kinda on the fence about my conch, I should see what the biggest size they could pierce it is. 

One thing I have learned through my experience is that I do not heal well with rings in initial piercings... never again. 

I want to get more piercings so I can take more pictures to put up on my IAM :D.

Reallly want double nostrils, but with really small studs (so the corporate don't give me shit about it); I think it would really look good with my septum. 

That's it for now. Time to lurk! xD

11/25/2012 | 0 comments

I tried studying today....FAIL...so anyways

I notice I have my own mental plan of what I will look like. It does not involves a lot of  piercings despite the fact that I am constantly getting them, but it does include me being covered in tattoos, although I have no idea what tattoos I'm going to get yet.

With my upcoming funds I plan to get a few piercings, despite the stupid environment I am unfortunate enough to to school in. The only thing I plan on getting on my face would be double nostril and my right tragus (finally). 

Far down the future I plan on getting my conches punched, just finding someone to drive me to NH (I can't drive) is the problem. I don't remember exactly the highest gauge that a piercing can start off with. I definitely do not plan on stretching them. But i think for now I will start of with getting my tragus and nostrils done. My deep hood I think I will save for later. But I don't want to go broke the same day I get paid so I might just focus on getting my other tragus done. I do want to get at least one conch done on the same side as my tragus. I just want holes poked into I guess.

I so badly want to get my belly button done, but I want that to only be my gift to me for finally getting in shape, I am ALMOST there, but it seems that my shitty eating habits are holding me back. I still have time though, I won't have my belly out in the winter time.

I think I'll complete all the piercings I need to get before I work on tattoo. This one tattoo I had done was just something I was compelled to get, and nothing was going to stop me from getting it. But now, I don't have anything in mind that means as much to me to the point of me getting it tattooed onto my skin. 

11/23/2012 | 0 comments

I'm bored. I should be doing homework. My nipples are itchy. I get paid next week, so I might invest in some piercings. I might get a deep hood since basically that is the only piercing that I pass the test for (I think(?)) besides the Christina and forchette, and labias which i'm not interested in at the moment.

So Yesterday I go to Almoda Rox in Medford Meadow Glenn Mall to purchase labret jewelry with a gem on the end. The lady there convinces me that what she was selling was in fact 14 guage and is a pretty short bar. So I purchase it. I go home to try out my new jewelry and not only is it NOT a short enough bar for me, but it wasn't even 14 gauge!!!

You had ONE JOB.

I guess I'll stick with glass since I do tend to work with computers a lot. I almost lost my piercing because I did a lab at school where I had to take apart a PC and I had to remove most metal jewelry  from me (except ears for some reason). The lab was only for 1 hour and my labret was roughly almost 3 months old at the time. Had to semi-force it back in.

Some instructors at my school had a problem with my labret (I was wearing nice opal jewelry at the time). They said it was "unprofessional" and some other bullshit I really don't care about. That's one of the things I hate about this school, it prepares you to work in a conservative stuck-up-your-ass, be-a-part-of-the-herd, lack-of-individuality, shit head cut throat environment. I've even been told that one of my headbands were incongruous. WTF.

Makes me love the current job I have so much. I'm respect not because of how I look, but because of my work ethic and the fact the I put 100% into everything I do.

Fuck the corporate world.

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