"MEH......M...E...H...... MEH!"

I have no idea how to make this page look better. I am going to PERU JUNE 4- JULY 30 . . . . . Classically trained chef traveling the country building my resume and having fun. I've lived in Austin TX, Sacramento CA, Ausbury Park NJ, Ocean NJ, Ocean Grove, NJ, Red Bank NJ, Houston, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Crestview FL, Galveston TX, The Woodlands TX, Humble TX, and i think thats it. metal: 3/4 inch septum 10 gauge vertical areola 12 gauge horizontal nipple 2 gauge PA 4 gauge frenum 1 1/4 inch scrotal piercing Scars and implants: facial lines-now extended onto nose- and circles under each eye 3 bars on left shoulder blade spiral on right shoulder blade memorial to my dog on right rib cage 2 gauge 1-1/2 inch bars implanted along jaw forming 3 bars with septum two (i think 3/4 inch) teflon rods in right thigh-ongoing project. Retired: 3 piece scrotum ladder 2 top frenums 2 vertical chest surface piercings 8 gauge ampallang 6 ga tongue 4 ga tongue


check this out
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http://cybermonkeydeathsquad.com/diggin/the-taco-taxi/ http://greenpeople.org/listing/The-Taco-Taxi-59015.cfm http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-taco-taxi-austin

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waiting to get the website back..... wish i knew more about that shit. babies are good. sometimes. trying to get the Taco Taxi in front of a half price books and a grocery store called Sprouts. we shall see. my customers love the food. updated the guided page with some new suspensions from my last trip to PA.

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able to get on here. still can't get on my own website but i'm trying to fix that now. lots going on. babies are fantasically cool. cutest babies in the world. my mothers husband dies suddenly friday. its hard on her,. they just bought a pull behind rv and started to enjoy their retirement. he was a cool guy. liked him a lot. i hate to hear my mother cry. the AC went out in the house. borrowed a window unit to keep the living room cool and the babies sleep in there. got a lead on the parts but they only sell to contractors so i have to act like i know what im doing. should be fun. lots of ignorant things/situations involving the in laws. true alcoholics suck. and stupid runs deep in some of them. its not the 1950's and a child will be the only victim in the end. who the fuck smokes cigarettes when they have beaten cancer twice already??? so dumb. and as anyone that knows me knows i hate dumb shit. the taco taxi is running pretty good. i tried to do it legit and use a neighborhood quiky mart's kitchen but the owner didnt want the health department going through his kitchen so he told me to just do it at home and put the bike in front of the store. so instead of him making money off of me i get all the money and people love my food. lots of repeat customers and more and more people are coming up based on their friends telling them about me. it's turned a profit all three weekends and 1 wed i've been there. if it goes well again this wed i will do dinner the next few nights too. something is wrong with the website though so if anyone know how to fix it please let me know.

endanger my babies
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FUCK YOU that was totally fucked up julia.

my name got butchered but it's ok
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"One discovery we made during the Fest was a new mobile business called the Taco Taxi (www.thetacotaxi.com, 589-5441), where colorful young Bryan Biederman prepares and delivers Mexican and Peruvian street foods based on local ingredients. Give him a try."..... virginia wood austin chronicle food editor

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