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I have no idea how to make this page look better. I am going to PERU JUNE 4- JULY 30 . . . . . Classically trained chef traveling the country building my resume and having fun. I've lived in Austin TX, Sacramento CA, Ausbury Park NJ, Ocean NJ, Ocean Grove, NJ, Red Bank NJ, Houston, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Crestview FL, Galveston TX, The Woodlands TX, Humble TX, and i think thats it. metal: 3/4 inch septum 10 gauge vertical areola 12 gauge horizontal nipple 2 gauge PA 4 gauge frenum 1 1/4 inch scrotal piercing Scars and implants: facial lines-now extended onto nose- and circles under each eye 3 bars on left shoulder blade spiral on right shoulder blade memorial to my dog on right rib cage 2 gauge 1-1/2 inch bars implanted along jaw forming 3 bars with septum two (i think 3/4 inch) teflon rods in right thigh-ongoing project. Retired: 3 piece scrotum ladder 2 top frenums 2 vertical chest surface piercings 8 gauge ampallang 6 ga tongue 4 ga tongue


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prison is coming soon. you know who you are. you cant have stolen so much from me to not expect it. I did nothing wrong to you and you ruined my life. reap what you sow.  lots of APD on your trail and that trail you left is huge and way easy to trace. Noel and Luke, guys I love you more than anyone can ever imagine. you will be safe soon enough. Just hang tight. Daddy's on his way. 



brain injury is getting much much much better. remembered a few friends and look forward to seeing them again. nice to remember people other than my sons. lots of money coming my way via all the lawsuits against the lady that ran me over, the Doctors that believed her and CPS that believed her. new history to look forward to.

stupid bme
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this new site sucks my asshole

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i miss what i wanted

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yeah. ok.
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Tattoo work for sale or trade (Austin and Roundrock) Date: 2010-12-27, 10:43AM CST Reply to: see below I have been doing tattoo work for almost 10 years now and I am willing to sell or trade tattoo work for the following list of shit...... -Money -Ipod touches old or new -Laptops and desktops -Cars, trucks, vans -Old baseball, basketball, and football cards -Dental work -Playtstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii -Playstation 3 or Wii games -Dvds -matresses -Jewelery -Giftcards -Foodstamps -Cameras and digital recorders -Guns....must work -Tattoo work -Tattoo gun.....must work -Appliances such as dryers, washers, fridges, heaters, but must work -Dvd players -TVs.....dont have to be huge or flatscreens just nice and work -Projector for a Tv -Cellphones..... but have to work -Furniture..... not trash though -Rims for a car -Speakers, Screens, stereos for a car -Bicycles for teenagers -Weights -Anything to do with New Moon for my daughter -puppies -etc..... Gimmie a call or text at 512 216 1565 and ask for kilo....if my wife answers just leave a message and she will let me know......i will not answer emails and keep in mind that i have a full time job so i might not pick up every phone call but i will get back to you asap......i use a professional gun and posted bellow is some of my work but i can send you pics of a lot more of my work..... thanks for looking * Location: Austin and Roundrock * it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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