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12/2/2010 | 2 comments

my poor footsie! its really difficult to take a picture of your own foot btw. the one picture is blurry but whatever, you get most of the tattoo in the clearer picture anyway. its our own take on the chinese lucky cat but used reference of my own puppy, so its my lucky pug! this was done by one of our amazing tattoo artists at the shop meghan patrick. i couldn't be happier with it, and my foot couldn't be madder at me lol

11/28/2010 | 2 comments

killed it last night.

family vacation
11/21/2010 | 1 comments

we went to disney world last week for a family vacation. my mom, dad, brother, sister in law, nephew and niece all went and my aunt and uncle met us down there for two days. i had a blast even though my nephew and niece did just about everything possible to ensure we didn't have a good time. he's 10 and she's 5. figured they would be the perfect age to enjoy it. she refused to go on absolutely ANYTHING. she went on the rides that were meant for 3 year olds(tea cups, carousel, dumbo ride) and literally that was it. if it was dark she'd cry, if it was loud she'd cry, she even had a crying hissy fit during the lilo and stitch ride and the finding nemo musical. wow.

and my nephew was just as bad. the only thing he went on that she wouldn't was the buzz lightyear shooting game ride. there is a ride in epcot called mission:space or something like that. its a simulator that makes you feel like you're taking off in a rocket to mars. it has an intense version and a wimpy version. we decided to go on the wimpy version because of him and we're about to get on the ride and the kid BURSTS into tears. i couldn't believe it. i went to disney when i was his age and if i was tall enough to go on the ride i wanted to go on. i loved every second of it and these kids couldn't be less impressed. all they wanted to do was go back to the hotel and go to the pool.

so my parents got stuck not getting to go on the rides because they wanted my brother and sister in law to have a good time since they've been to disney more times than i can count. it was very nice of them but i felt terrible because they didn't get to have the best time they should have.

but by day 3 i said fuck it and i realized that nothing was going to change these kids' minds so i stopped worrying about it and had my own fun. i still went on every ride, still had some good drinks and ate some good food and enjoyed the fact that i'm lucky enough to spend the week in disney and universal studios. so enough of that complaining up there because i did really have a great time. notable times during the week were car stunt show at mgm studios or hollywood studios, whatever its called now. pretty much everything at animal kingdom was awesome. epcot has mission:space, soarin was absolutely amazing, and the countries are great. there is a mexican restaurant in mexico that is incredible. magic kingdom has the castle which looks awesome at night, and the haunted mansion and splash mountain. all great times. we also went to islands of adventure for the harry potter attraction. oh my god it was unbelievable! the harry potter ride is probably the greatest ride i've ever been on in my life!!! i also tried butter beer, bought a magic wand, every flavor beans, and chocolate frogs =)

here are some of my favorite pictures from the week. 1- most of us with santa goofy. myself, mom, niece, nephew, sister in law. 2- myself, aunt gail, brother. 3- tigger is a phillies fan(who knew?). 4- riding the carousel lol. 5- inside the mexican restaurant. 6- me, not very sober after chugging a margarita, then having to chug that frozen margarita shortly after this picture was taken so i could get on the next ride, not a good combination haha. 7- semi decent picture of me in epcot. 8- harry potter attraction and shops. 9- hogwarts castle! 10- butter beer and every flavor beans. 11- and there it is, the magic kingdom castle lit up at night!!!!

this was fun
10/21/2010 | 0 comments

new jewelry we just got from industrial strength

my sleep cycle sucks
9/30/2010 | 0 comments

haven't been to bed before 4am in a long time and haven't woken up before noon in a while either. i've been missing jiu jitsu and mma just about every week and i'm hating it.

but in better news, work has been great. still slower than i'm used to but that will come around. my boss just told me the other night that he's going to pay for me to go to APP next year!! i couldn't believe it but he was so casual about it like i should have expected him to say it lol. i've never been to vegas and obviously have never been to the convention. he just said "well if i don't spend the money i'll just have to spend it in taxes, so the way that i look at it i might as well spend it on you and get the tax break" wow so much different than my last boss.

our second location will be opening in deptford in the next few months. construction just started and my boss is sparing literally no expense on it. its going to be one of the most beautiful looking shops that i've ever seen and i'm pretty stoked on it. he's also going to be dumping money into the existing shop, changing the floors and stuff and i believe he's going to be redesigning the sterilization area to meet APP standards(obviously the new shop will be built to their standards) so i can apply because thats currently the only area that i don't meet. so hopefully i'll be a member in the next coming months.


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