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so i've been in a better mood
12/13/2007 | 2 comments

lately, which has been nice. still a lil blah but better. and yea my old drummer sean called me up today and asked me if i wanted to go bowling with him and get this... my favorite pro skater of all time. so obviously i said yes. so there i am tonight fuckin bowling with sean and kerry getz and a bunch of their friends. wtf... so random. but yea he's a pretty chill dude. stoked to hang out.
kinda made up for the shitty day at work. my apprentisor decided to come in today on his day off and do all the piercings today so i was pretty much beat. and its not like i can say anything to the guy, he fucking taught me how to pierce ya know? i just think its fuckin beat that he comes in on MY day and does all my piercings. especially when i'm so broke at the moment with the move and christmas and all.

alright anyway sorry for the vent, had to get it out. i have to call maintenance yet again tomorrow because our sink is clogged and wont drain and its getting fucking gross. i want to vomit everytime i look at the sink. then after they fix thattttttt i have to go christmas shopping. who wants to go with me? cuz i suck at shopping. any ideas on some sweet but cheap gifts?

12/7/2007 | 2 comments

i was doing so good up until about 10 minutes ago. i've got seasonal affective disorder pretty bad. its also known as winter depression if you didn't know what it was. all it took was to see her post a bulletin and have me see her pictures to just completely ruin my night. now i'm all upset and hating life cuz i miss just talking to her. fuck me i'm emo =(

help me out
12/6/2007 | 5 comments

i'm not sure how i feel about the new lowbrets so lemme know what you think
keep in mind my lip is still swollen so they look a hair bit off because of it, and if theyre still a hair off when the swelling goes down... oh well i did them on myself and that shit was hard haha
also... the existing snakebites are crooked as fuck, thanks infinite(like 3 years ago tho)

so yea i'm not sure if i wanna just keep the snakebites, or just keep the lowbrets, orrrrr keep them both. help me out.

I just pierced my
12/5/2007 | 0 comments

Lowbrets, not sure how I feel about em yet, and my face isn't swelling evenly so it looks a tad bit crooked so I prolly won't post a picture til I put the shorter barbells in. And since these are perfectly even they make my already crooked snakebites look soooooooooooo off. But I don't wanna take em out til I know if I like my lowbrets, so I'm walking around looking funny for the next few weeks

i fucking hate girls
11/30/2007 | 0 comments

so me and the girl i've been hooking up with for a while are officially dunzo. started with a stupid fight because she put some dude thats all on her nuts above me on her top friends. blah shouldn't have been that big of a deal, but still def pissed me off especially because she used to get with this dude and with him still being all about her, and then have her put him before me makes me start to think. so we got in a fight and then all of a sudden she hangs up the phone, blocks me on aim, deletes me off her friends list. sooooo i called her up and said since she pulled all that bullshit that she can fuck off and never talk to me again. of course i'm immediatly regretting it cuz i don't wanna stop talking to her butttt i'm also way too stubborn to act like i was wrong. that shit upset me and she should've given a shit. blah whatever, i need to meet some new girls. cute lil tattooed and pierced girls hit me up lol.


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