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i learned how to do microdermals!
2/11/2008 | 3 comments

soooo fucking excited. i took the microdermal seminar at the baltimore convention this weekend. it was fucking awesome, learned so much. did my first one last night on steve's chestpiece. his snake now has a pretty eye lol, did another on my friend shannon tonight in her cleavage. got a good picture of that one. then steve's girlfriend is getting tattooed right now and her friend is here keeping her company, and after seeing me do the cleavage... SHE wanted some as well lol. so she got a single anchor on her vertical tragus area. so i've done 4 anchors since last night anddddd i'm a happy camper. i've done 3 using a needle and 1 using a punch. going to be doing a few more on close friends, seeing how they heal up... and hopefully offering them to customers in a month or so's time. fuck i'm excited for some fun project piercings to come.

alright i haven't updated in a few days
2/3/2008 | 7 comments

alright well her visit went well. we hung out with my best friend the first night, tried to go to dave and busters with my sister and her husband the second night but for some reason they're retarded and wouldn't let us in because her and my brother in law didn't have their IDs? so we went out to dinner then bowling. thennn on the 3rd day we went to the aquarium and then i took her out to red lobster. overall a good few days. thennn we got in a fight while she was driving home. hardly talked since then. and now all we seem to do is fight. its pretty awesome. she wants to get with random dudes and i want a relationship. sooo we just got in a huge fight and now its pretty much official that we're "just friends" now if that at all. i'm pretty much a wreck and i've got that thing going on when your heart hurts so bad its hard to breathe becaaauuussseeee i'm an emo pussy and that's what happens to us when we're heartbroken. i really need to find me a girl that will appreciate me. i love that girl more than anything i've ever known but i really do need to move on because obviously she won't let anything come of us. =(

so that girl i'm kinda crazy about
1/28/2008 | 1 comments

just made an iam page! she's BRAND new to this site so everybody go say hi and be nice. buttttttt if you flirt with her i'll fuckin stab you! kidding, unless you want some cool piercings. just don't be trying to get with her or anything =). her iam name is maureen_cross and she's also coming to see me tomorrow!! aw i so can't wait. gonna relax around the apartment tomorrow then go see a movie at night, wanna take her to the aquarium and then dave and busters tuesday night, then i'm gonna have to swallow some tears and say goodbye on wednesday when she leaves. either way just can't wait to see her. love that girl more than anything.

boring night on IAM
1/24/2008 | 0 comments

no messages or anything so i guess i'll call it an early night(for me at least). leave me something nice to wake up to tomorrow.

oh and i figured i should give a lil update on how that party went. it sucked of course. like 20 drunk annoying people screaming in my apartment til like 3 in the morning. wanted to shoot everybody in the face. but i did some fun piercings. couple of traguses, double nostril, tongue, wrists, and a sternum piercing. i was stoked.

so i'm having a late housewarming party
1/18/2008 | 1 comments

that starts in a lil bit and i'm sooo not looking forward to having like 20 - 30 drunk people destroying my apartment. butttt i will be piercing tonight for cheap. i know its not very respectable to be piercing at a party but i have a completely sterile environment set up and will be using all the same sterile techniques as if i were at the shop so don't think less of me, i'm just broke. i just want it over with already and it hasn't even started yet. fuck.


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