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-I have an awesome pug named Brody
-Body piercer currently out of 12 Ounce Studios in Deptford, NJ
-I'm really short, 5 foot 3 to be exact.. get over it lol.
-I train Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Team Balance
-I listen to a lot of metal, hip hop, pop punk, classic rock, and some emo bands

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remember when
11/3/2011 | 2 comments

people used this website? i miss it. but apparently even though i'm a verified piercing professional on here and am supposed to have a free lifetime membership because of it, my account is apparently expiring in the next couple days. and there just isn't enough activity on this website anymore to make me want to do anything to prevent that. so i guess goodbye IAM(in a couple days at least lol)

8/29/2011 | 2 comments

swing and a miss IAM. least user friendly website known to man.

this website is fucking losing it
7/29/2011 | 0 comments

and its depressing. its a fuckin ghost town on here anymore. the ufc forum hasn't been posted in since i did like a month ago, the naked forums are dying because some dumb bitch had to ruin it for everybody, and the learning forum is still active but nowhere near as much as it used to be. FUCK.

knee is getting healthier
6/5/2011 | 0 comments

almost two weeks ago i got back on the mat for a striking and a bjj class. got through about 60% of the striking class and just about all of the jiu jitsu class. this was two tuesdays ago, i took the thursday class off because i didn't want to over do it. went back this past tuesday and my knee held up for 100% of both classes. shadow boxing, pad drills, combinations and whatnot, even some light sparring in the striking class. and lots of half guard drills in jiu jitsu. knee has held up just fine so far, not sore or anything so thats good, but i'll definitely still be easing back into everything. last thing i want is a setback and have to start over again. only thing is that the roughly 5 week layoff absolutely killed my cardio. 10 minutes into the striking class and i'm on the verge of puking lol.

grumble grumble grumble
5/13/2011 | 1 comments

i'm not too sure if its the knee injury thats kept me from doing anything physical for 3 weeks now and counting, but sitting around all day is making me fucking miserable. the lazier i get the more bummed i am about everything. luckily the knee has been feeling better the past few days but its still pretty damn weak, just hasn't been shooting pains up my leg like it was. so i guess thats good.

but all this sitting around makes me think and me being in my head is just not a good place for me to be. i've been super lonely lately, haven't been with a girl in any capacity in longer than i care to admit and i don't see it changing any time soon. i feel like there is nothing i can do about it either. i lost my apartment last year, i'm still not back on my feet like i had hoped i would be, so i'm still living at my fuckin parents' house and its depressing as fuck. i was on my own for so long and had so much freedom in my life and could have even been considered successful. i had a nice apartment, made a good living, bought a brand new car, had my dog. now it just seems like i only have the last two. i love the shop i'm at, but business there is nowhere near busy enough to get myself a new apartment. so here i am, almost 25 years old, stuck at home, how am i even supposed to try to find a girl at this point? i don't have those cool parents that are down for letting me do whatever i want under their roof, so i can't take girls back here, but i can't stay over their place because i have my dog. i'm trapped in this house and i just feel stuck. i mean what do i even have to offer a girl at this point?

the only glimmer of hope i currently have right now is that my studio is opening up a second location that should be much much busier because its right near a very busy shopping mall. but i know its not going to be super busy as soon as we open the doors so even if it does become busy enough for me to support myself again, i still have to wait for that to happen, which still leaves me here in my parents' house. stuck. i've lost so much and i just want it back.

sorry for the debby downer post. its one of those nights i guess.


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