"Happy Stabbing"

Happily stabbing people at Adorn in Shrewsbury, UK. Able to carry out all basic piercings, most advanced and a small selection of genital piercings as well as microdermal anchors. Currently trying to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and learn other body modification techniques. A background in mechanical engineering means I'm always looking for a new way to do something and I have the tools to build what I want.


Home Anodising
2/10/2014 | 0 comments

Howdy y'all!

So last weeks challenge was to make my own anodiser. I did and i have had a success! My setup is far from refined but i have so far managed to achieve blue! I haven't been able to get other colours even though i have changed the voltage. I think the problem is that i used aluminium foil on my cathode and therefor i was depositing aluminium on the surface. Next time i am going to use a sacrificial titanium cathode. I also noticed that i had salts build up on the surface afterwards and i think this is due to a poor cleaning cycle (i only gave them a wipe with kitchen roll). Next time i am going to use a solvent rinse first.

Onto piercing news. Well last week was pretty quiet for me. I had a few navals, a couple of tragus' and a septum. I was supposed to be piercing a triple spiral helix but unfortunately the jewellery (still!) hasn't turned up so that one is on hold at the moment. Future projects coming up are two anti eyebrow staples. I am going to use the punch and taper method to place these which will be a first for me.

This weeks project isn't work related but it's still important. I am refurbishing the log burner in my house as it is old and broken. I'm hoping to have that finished tonight so that my house is warm again!

In personal news i had my inner conch pierced at 3mm and had a 2.55mm gorilla glass blue labret placed in it. It is healing amazingly and i love the way it catches the light through the post and transfers it to the front of the jewellery.

I am also in search of a suspension team to get involved in. I am off to Nepal in April so I am hoping to talk to some people there but i need to try and find a UK based team that will let me be involved rather than just be strung up. The search goes on!

See you next week!

Get Bloggin'
2/3/2014 | 1 comments

Well I promised myself that I am going to write on this once a week about the different procedures I have carried out, what I've been researching and generally other interesting things that are going in in and around the shop so here is the first one.


This week was mostly ear cartilage piercings. A lot of tragus's and helix piercings and a couple of naval piercings.  I enjoy working on the fiddly ear piercings as it forces you to have to really focus even though they seem so simple to most people. As well as these i got to pierce my good friend Rob aka Swampy. He is the bassist in a metalcore band called When Faith Descends and decided that a nice big horseshoe through his septum would help him achieve a more 'metal look'. I've got to say he was right and it sits real nice with his healed bridge and labret (these were two of my first ever piercings :D ).

In terms of research this week i have mostly been looking at anodizing titanium and niobium. I'm currently saving up for a Statim micro anodiser but in the meantime i thought i'd draw up a rough circuit diagram to make my own using 20 9V batteries and some other bits i have floating around the garage. Thanks to a knowledge of metallurgy from a previous life i think i can do this safely and i'm really looking forward to finishing my prototype (aka ugly) model and posting the results.

That's about it really. Apart from planning a few ear projects and offers it's been a nice steady week.

Until next time!

1/27/2014 | 5 comments

Hi all!


I've been frequenting bme since i was a tiny little 16 year old. I am now 26 with a fair few mods, a job i love and a future that looks to be full of fun! I'm here to make friends and arrange some meet ups with people at different events.




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