"Happy Stabbing "

Happily stabbing people at Adorn in Shrewsbury, UK. Able to carry out all basic piercings, most advanced and a small selection of genital piercings as well as microdermal anchors. Currently trying to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and learn other body modification techniques. A background in mechanical engineering means I'm always looking for a new way to do something and I have the tools to build what I want.


Mixed Times
4/14/2014 | 0 comments

Well last week was really quiet for me in terms of piercing. Our other piercer in the shop Chelsea was run off her feet but it was dead on my days. I think the weather getting better and the Easter holidays starting should hopefully mean I have a busy week.

None piercing work I was really busy so it all balances out. This week i have been installing a CCTV system at the shop but unfortunately the hard drive in the control box wont read anything so there has been a lot of back and forth to the supplier. I have also been getting all of the paperwork in to get planning permission to convert a barn. This hasn't been easy as the building is listed, in an AONB and in an old mining area. It will all be worth it to have a beautiful house in a part of my home town that means a lot to me though.

It is now only 1 week until me and Anna go to Nepal! Trying to contain my excitement is now becoming really difficult! I think I have most of the clothing and equipment that I need now so it's just a case of packing it all and getting on the plane Laughing Two weeks away is just what I need at the moment. I have a busy summer planned that is full of both work and pleasure activities but I know it is going to hectic so I'm looking forward to some calm before the storm so to speak.

Anna pierced my right conch and inserted a 2.7mm gorilla glass ocean blue labret to match up to my left ear. I am going for the LITFA approach with this one and it is healing nicely. I have been Speaking to Olly Todd (modified by Olly) about trading some scarification with him for a sub dermal implant of a cog on my right outer conch. this will be in honour of my previous life and my lifelong love for all things mechanical. One day I'll become the mechanical cyborg I know i really am haha!

Anyway I'm off to convince people to let me put needles through them.


State Of Bliss
4/9/2014 | 0 comments

Well it's been a strange old week this time.

The week itself was its usual mix of piercing and shop management duties. I had a crazily busy Friday for piercings. I am definitely noticing that Friday seems to be the day that women get their nipples pierced. There weren't any project piercings this week but I did have to repair two piercings from another local shop. One was an infected triple forward helix that needed urgent care, a good clean, a change of jewellery and a trip to the doctors was required. The other was a tongue piercing that was really badly placed and the tongue was attempting to grow over the jewellery. A quick nick with a scalpel and i had the jewellery out though.

The real big news for me this week was a trip down to London on Sunday. Me, Anna (my girlfriend) and Dan and Em (friends) went to go and meet State of Bliss suspension team. Suspension is something I have wanted to do since i first discovered it when I was 16 on BME. Me and Anna made a pact that we would do it together one day so I decided that now was the time to start looking into it. State of Bliss were a real friendly team but they were too busy for me to sit down and talk with freely unfortunately. I'm not sure if they would be the team I go with as they are only the first I have seen in person but they were real nice people and carried out some beautiful suspensions, including Rolf Buchholz the most pierced man in the world (Guinness World Records). There are two suspension teams attending the Nepal tattoo convention so I am hoping to get a chance to talk to them. I would love to be able to learn how to do it and bring it home to Shropshire as we have plenty of beautiful countryside areas as well as ancient abbeys and Anna even found a medieval hanging tree in the council records that is still standing!

Nepal is now only 12 days away and I am beginning to get unbelievably excited! I have been trying to find a rock climbing expedition to go on whilst I am out there but I get the feeling I am starting to cram too much into one trip and need to remember that I have got to relax when i am out there as this is being classed as my holiday for the year.

Have a good week everyone!

Business Management
3/31/2014 | 2 comments

I should be writing serious stuff here but at the moment all i can think about is Nepal. I'm so damn excited! All i need to get now is a few lightweight trousers and I'm ready. 3 weeks today until i fly so I have managed to get everything ready in good time. I'll take a million pictures and if i manage to see any of the body mod artist working out there I will to upload some of their pictures to here.

The shop has been running well this week. We have had a decent spread of piercings over the week (Saturday will always be a busy day). I haven;t had any project piercings in this week but I have had a good amount of fun clients from around the world. I pierced a Spanish au pair on Monday and every day I was piercing last week she brought someone else in to get pierced. I had 2 Spanish, a Hungarian, a Romanian and a French girl. It is difficult to pierce someone with a language barrier in place as you have to attempt to make them calm and relaxed with as much body and non-verbal language as possible. I think that because they kept coming back that I managed to get past this barrier quite well.

I had my first ever client for a scar book in for next week so hopefully in next weeks diary i will be able to describe this and put some pictures up. I'm really looking forward to this The design is simple so i shouldn't have any problems but i am still nervous. I believe it's good to be nervous as this shows that you care about the results.

In none work related news I have had some big developments this week. After a talk with the local town planning department it looks like i will be granted planning permission on the house me and my girlfriend want to build. This is amazing as the paperwork was a nightmare due to the plot of land and buildings being a lgrade 2 lsited building (building of architectural importance), the plot being in an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and in an old mining district. Hopefully now everything will go through and we can start ground clearance and get applying for loans! If anyone is interested in the area check out Ironbridge and Colabrookdale in Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom

In other none work related news i would like to congratulate my friend Pikey aka Martyn Price marrying Caroline Dalby (Now Pryce). Congratulations guys! I wish you all the best!

I suppose I had better get back to work now as I am attempting to build our web shop and get some products online now that I have barcoded all of our stock.


p.s. check out my instagram! My username is AIDENJOHNSON87

Quiet, Quiet, Busy!
3/24/2014 | 1 comments

Another week has gone by already! They seem to be flying past at the moment.

Well the week was quiet, up to Thursday I had only had 1 nose piercing in so i was a little downhearted. The weather had been bad all week and its mid month so people that have as much free cash to spend on awesome adornments but it still gets to you. Then Friday afternoon happened.

The morning started off with the usual jewellery stock level checks and sterilising of equipment and about midday it started to get busy. 7 piercings later and its home time, the time just flew by! A nice mixture of noses, ear lobes and navels with a smiley piercing to finish off my week. Chelsea had had a similar week to me (we work alternate days so i can do my shop manager duties too) and her Saturday was fully booked before she even walked through the door. This is unusual for us as we like to be able to offer a walk in service but we just didn't have the space! This is good news for the shop and I hope it shows that our hard work and care is paying off. We like to give our customers the best possible customer service, piercing, jewellery quality and aftercare that we can all in a nice environment. Busy days make me feel like we must be doing something right. I'll try to post some pictures of some of last weeks piercings for you guys to take a look at.

In Nepal news it is now only 4 weeks until I fly! I can't wait! I had to order a new passport as mine didn't have the required 6 months until expiry on return. I was nervous about this not turning up in time as I sent the forms off and they came back saying my image had changed so much since my last passport (thanks body mods!) that they needed to get a countersignature to prove that its me. I got the countersignature and got the documents sent off and the passport arrived this morning! Stress over. I now have everything all fully booked, flights, hotels, jungle trek, passport, transfers etc so I'm all ready to go. I've been shopping for clothes for it too. I am going in the hottest time of the year and shorts are frowned upon in there culture so I have feeling I will be melting.

At some point this week I will be getting my other conch pierced with a matching piece of beautiful blue glass form Gorilla Glass and I will finally be balanced and symmetrical again! Just need to man up and get it done now!

Until next week!

Sorry for the Delay!
3/17/2014 | 0 comments

Hi all!

Sorry I missed out last week. I normally write my weekly entry on a Monday but i was busy with shop stuff so missed my chance and before I knew it the whole week had gone by! So because of that I will write this entry in two parts. Part 1 for the week I missed and Part 2 for the week just gone by.


Part 1 - Missed Week

Well I was busy this week. Chelsea had family commitments on the weekend so I came in on the Saturday to cover for her. I had a great mix of piercings this week. With the rage running from noses, lips and lobes to navels, scaffolds and a couple of pretty unusual micro triple piercings. If you take a look in my photos you can see the triple forward helix and triple outer conch photos. I think the outer conch look great.

The big story of this week for me though happened on Wednesday. I got to carry out my first scarification! It was on Anna Garvey, my girlfriend, boss and partner in crime. The scar was of a heart shaped gem. Quite an ambitious first design but we broke it down into lines and just worked at it. Anna guided me with depth from her tattooing knowledge and i did my best to make my cuts smooth and in one piece. It has been healing fro just under 2 weeks now but she has been taking a picture everyday so i will make a time lapse video out of these and put this up once it has completely healed. We went through the procedure without any kind of anesthesia but being as a few people have now asked if they can have scars I may buy some in. I have been asked to scar a Penrose triangle and the elemental symbols too! I would like to try skin peeling but I think i'm going to need a bit more practice at just cutting first and getting to know the different scalpels and tools that are available to me. Anna took it a like a champ and sat so well for me. I can't thank her enough! I did upload a picture but it doesn't seem to have made it through the admin checks.

Money is still going in towards my anodiser. I am about halfway there now.


Part 2 - Last Week

So the last week that went by was really quiet for me for piercings. I only did 2 all week! I did however have Tuesday off in return for the Saturday I covered (I spent all day rock climbing up at Nesscliffe and it was great!) and Thursday I worked from home to try and get the shops books in order and fully integrated into the new system that we are currently operating, I have now nearly got everything in and linked together correctly so that I am nearly at a stage of just inputting data as we get different receipts and invoices. It has taken a long time to get to this stage.

I also managed to get a free apple mac for the shop to load Photoshop on for the tattoo artists. I am quite a techno geek so i have managed to get it linked into the network but as I have never really encountered Mac's this is as far as I can get. If any out there could help me give a factory restore, connect to our network and printer and help me to install a copy of Photoshop that would be GREATLY appreciated.

In preparation of some new projects I am planning i have ordered some new goodies this week to. I have done a Gorilla Glass order to try and get a few new glass initial piercings down. I have also added in two cobalt blue nose screws for myself. This will then match the blue conch pins i currently have in and the cobalt blue 1 1/16" glass tunnels I have from Robot from when Anna was travelling over there. I also ordered a few glass things for friends and regular customers to try and get glass jewellery seen by potential customers as glass doesn't seem to be used that much around here.

Well that's it really. It's Monday now, another week is starting and I am on my own as Josh is away in Brighton with his lovely lady Lishy for their 1 year anniversary. Congratulations guys!

See you next week! (I'll try not to be late!)


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