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7/17/2005 | 10 comments

Today is national clean up Elysium day. :'(

Please show your supprot, by coming to my house and cleaning my fucking floor - its bad.

On less scary thoughts, thnx 4 everyone who came to my stall yesterday! It was great to see so many IAMers (Mainframe, GucciGurl, b-roc, Sandron and others that I forgot... soz! MSG MY ASS!) and in general such lovel ppl. I didn't sell much (I think I gave too much shit away. lol). Still, it was great and much thnx to Bentron and Jontron for coming along and giving a helping hand.


Oh yeah, silly pic of a pierced kiwi fruit.. no idea if I should put it on DA or not, lemme know whatcha think ppl.

Oh, lookie @ that! Theres a new mod tracker - its random market crap! w007! check it out, some crazy/funny shit. I wanna take photos of all iamers that visit me, so come visit and get a photo w/gwonk or myself!


Cow 'Gal Juzzies
7/16/2005 | 0 comments

Well, I'm trying to get a photo up every day onto DA. I did one this morning (@ like 4am - see last post) but I couldn't help but putting another one up now.

It's my favorite shot, trimmed up and borderised, from me and Juzzies 3yr anniversary. I've been mucking around with borders, etc and just totally love this photo - so please check it out, or check out HER PAGE on bme!

Ta ta for now, and hope to see some IAMers tomorrow @ glebe! w007!


7/15/2005 | 12 comments

Well... this morning was another 3am style wake-up call, and back to work.
I think I am actually going fucking insane.... just don't tell the voices that, or they'll make me take your other eye with this spork too. ^_#
When I got up, still 99% sleepy, I did this up and submitted it to DA:

I was very happy with it, so please check it out. It was from me and juzzies picnic, and turned out REALLY amazing.

Aside from that... not much news here, except I have decided I really want a nice 10g PA - even with a foreskin, I think it would look awesome - now just to get juzzie's permission as it is *her* area.... perhaps if I drew 'lil Japanese eyes on it and put a cute school girl uniform on the shaft (like a dolls one).

Wow, I never realised the dress up options of the penis were so huge! I must investigate this further... BBL.

Eye amputees are sexy.
7/14/2005 | 5 comments

^_^ Don't wish for a reason to wear an eye-patch, make a reason!

Poke your eye out today with a rusty fork and save on 1/2 of your contact and optometrist bills! Not to mention the ability to sport a fresh new bme-eye patch.

Be the first on your block to be an eye-amputee and get your patch today at BMESHOP.com! While stock lasts.

* brought to you by irc://#iam *

Sorry if this offends ANYBODY out there, it honestly was not intended to even be close to anything mean or offensive. If you have lost an eye, from any means, and are sensitive about it - you have my deepest apologies for your loss.

3 years in the past, many in the future to come.
7/13/2005 | 5 comments


Well, I've had a fucking cool past couple days. Juzzie came around before lunch on Monday (while I was getting picnic supplies!) and soon after saying ello and hugging a bit - we went off to celebrate our 3rd anniversary as a couple! w007!

I forgot the fucking picnic blankey, so it was sorta ghetto - but the grass was nice, so it wasn't actually too bad. We took a taxi to Nepean River, it was a great day! Check out some of the photos of our view, really lovely scenery and it was for the most part very quiet as well. I got Juzzie to make me a "sammich".... check this out. Bread, with light cheese spread as butter, a dollop of sweet chili dipping sauce, a hand full of twisties, some creamy pasta salad, and Doritos. It was indeed, the sammich of doom and tasted really crazy and lovely.

Juzzie got me the fucking biggest fucking candle you have EVER seen, check out a couple of the photos. This thing is a fucking falic symbol and a half! Its MASSIIVVVEEE, and smells really nice - I think its anything but coffee, but its sticker claims to be so. I will have to wait until its actually lit (special occasions only, ppl) to really find out.

Before we left, I also gave juzzie some of my prezzies for her! Of which included:
- 4x 6mm baltic amber tunnels, incentive to stretch her 4x 4mm tunnels (photo inc)
- a big (nothing in comparison to juzzies, but still bigger than your aveage) candle - all
chocolate scented! Oh, it smelllss gooood. (please ignore the nibbles in photos, i got hungry... lol)
- 6m of iam access under the name iam:juzzie.
(Right now its just what I slapped together, to kinda show her how it worked - but she promises that there will be some updating soon. I wanted to invite her into my world, and I hope this is the first of many steps to understanding my reasons and rationality for body modification.)
- and a really lovely (yup, photos too!) big ass photo frame of some memorable times in our relationship. From our holiday to the entrance, to our 'first date', a really long wonder through hazlebrook bush area and then to go into the big (10x12") spot - a cool photo of our 3yr anniversary! It's sorta meant to be an interactive 'everything up to this very moment' type thing.

Anyhows, I had the best time on the grass, but after eating multiple sammiches both our stomachs were begging for a bit of a break - so we went on a short walk to the river to admire the lovely sun shine and stinky (seriously) water. I got some awesome shots of us together for the frame, but little did juzzie know at the time what it really was for... (muahahaha).

We got a taxi home around 3pmish, took our wobbly tummies and flopped down on my bed and started our movie marathon of doom. It was pretty cool, I ended up crashing out 1/2 way though White Noise (having just seen it the night before) and rejoined after wards. It was a very cool night, and I *finally* got juz hooked onto Doctor Who! Lol, after many many months of refusal - she ended up staying up till 9am (while I got some rest) watching the entire first season and then woke me up to ask when the next season would be out. lol. It was pretty funny.

The next morning, I cycled through the ~200ish photos we took and choose a single one that I wanted for the frame (uploaded for your viewing pleasures) and cropped/color balanced it and went to get it printed! It turned out really great, and I think juz really liked it. Especially considering she has been on my back for quite some time that I have no photos of her/us - even though I've been sitting on a number of rolls just for this frame.

Anyway.. its 3:11, im fucking exhausted and even though I doubt I will be able to sleep very well - I must at least attempt to get some rest - for I have a long day of workies tomorrow!

So please send iam:juzzie a bit of a welcome message, if you can. I want to get her the warm welcome that I received when joining, and I hope she can find as much joy in our community as I do.

Love you greatly juzzie, and welcome to that extra bit of my world.

Oh, before I forget! Check out my latest DA shit! Its kinda cool, and piercey!



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