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IAM an Intellectual Badass
IAM Inked, burned and scarred
IAM a coffee-holic
IAM a student, soon to be an AP Graduate in Production Technology
IAM trying to run a blog at chmod666.dk

Planned mods:
Recut+ink-rub the edge on my turtle (by Muffe)
Getting the ram on my back filled with black, so Muffe can do some magic with his scalpel

Wish list of mods:
More ink by Jacob
Getting my tongue split

Modblogged 1

Modblogged 2 (Oslo Suscon)

Modblogged 3


Oslo Suscon
7/24/2012 | 0 comments

Just got back home from Oslo Suscon - first time there, and it was definitely worth the trip. 


Just three more lectures
5/26/2012 | 0 comments

Three more lectures next week, and I'm off for summer holiday until august ;)

This summer will include a few festivals, and a trip to Norway to hang with Wings of Desire at Oslo Suscon...
Hopefully I'll find time to design some more dotwork for my leg, and eventually some cross-shading for my arm ;)

IAM back ;)
5/10/2012 | 1 comments

Haven't been here on IAM for a couple of years (last diary post was in 2007) - cleaned up my entire page, ready for a fresh start ;)


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