finally someone let me out of my cage...
4/4/2001 | 0 comments

...found some pics from last years last game against the cologne crocodiles and started a new tracker only for football pics. thought about to start a new mod tracker for bruises which i always collect during the season, just for fun.

what else to report? hmm, i had some pretty hard weeks with some tears and pain, but i am crawling back into the sun again.

back again
3/27/2001 | 0 comments

so...back again.
was cuddled up in feelings, strange situations and a lot of other stuff, but i hope to come back in old glory, maybe this weekend. this page needs some new paint, don't you think so?

3/21/2001 | 0 comments

muff potter pics i did on new years eve
2/21/2001 | 0 comments

nothing much to say to this lost day. my life is going more quiet and more strange every day, that it makes me feel body and mindless every now and then. i am willing to solve problems, but feeling it is slipping out of my hands, that i lost controll about most of everything, so i think it won't be long now

am i too old?
2/20/2001 | 0 comments

i went to a samiam gig in cologne yesterday and was really shocked about the audience. less than 25 % over 25. okay, i am 26 though, but i couldn't believe to see drunk 18 yo skaterkids and girls with handbags on kickboards. is that true?
samiam was great, but the sound was horrible and the crowd disgusting. and i was a magnet for giants, i swear where ever i went to a bunch of 2 meter guys was standing in front of me. Never gigs in the prime club in cologne again.

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