going home
10/16/2001 | 0 comments

distress signals we've had to expect much less. I don't know the half. We bend ourselves to the eyes. I had to expect much less. You don't know the half. You lend your self to the eyes

i knew it
9/27/2001 | 0 comments

Break open the champagne! Your rockstar boyfriend is:

Thom Yorke

You and Thom Yorke are a match made in heaven!. You're both quite shy, but highly intelligent and creative people. You might be described as being a wallflower at parties, but it is probably because you're so deep in thought! Music is a huge part of your life and you prefer to experiment with different genres of music, rather than sticking to the same thing, which makes you a perfect couple!

got it from noneforme's place

naaaah...we're better than that

9/27/2001 | 0 comments

when i was blowing my nose this morning, i passed out twice. is that a bad sign?

9/25/2001 | 0 comments

this morning, when the sun was still hunting the stars, i felt like i was fixed in a plow and would have to plough up a field full of stones. I was smiling about the thought, that it was a wonderful start into the day. But when I arrived at the cemetery, my smile was moldered into pieces.

one quiet moment...
9/19/2001 | 0 comments

...at home.
my little car
my window ledge
my nyc maxilla and mandibles skull

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