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BME Help and FAQ


BME's galleries contain the highest quality, user submitted photos, videos and stories of tattoos, piercings and other body modification on the web.

If you have noticed that some galleries appear empty, it may be that you don't have the appropriate access level for that gallery. If you would like full access to the galleries, please subscribe.

Do you want to submit content to BME?

If you would like to submit content of your own, please login and visit the Galleries tab on your profile page. Make sure you when you upload photos or videos or submit a story that you click the "Submit to Public Galleries" check box. Submitting content will earn you points in the system that will allow you to extend or purchase subscriptions.

Below is a directory of some of categories of media we offer at BME.com:

If you would like to explore more, please visit the galleries page and click "Browse" in the navigation bar for a complete menu of categories.


For more information on submitting content and answers to many other questions, please see the BME FAQ.

Looking to start your own bonus gallery on the site? Email support@bme.com

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